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Protection Analysis for Naval Vessels

Protection Analysis  

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Greetings, WarThunder Community!


The Situation:


After destroyers were introduced last year, Gaijin introduced a new damage model for killing ships.  Previously, the system had been oriented in such a way that if you killed every crew member, the ship would be counted as destroyed.  This model wasn't received well by the community, as ships tended to have a lot of crew, and you'd essentially have to spray every part of a boat with gun fire until you killed the last crew member.  So, a new DM was introduced:

  • All vessels are now divided into compartments.  If you disable the vast majority/all of these compartments, the ship will be destroyed.
  • All vessels now count crew members as a percentage.  If you kill off the vast majority/all of the crew, the ship will be destroyed.
  • Flooding mechanics were introduced for all vessels.  Essentially, if you have a hole in your ship on the water line, you start to take on water.  The larger the diameter of the whole on the water line, the faster the ship takes on water.  Once a ship's buoyancy is critical, the ship sinks.


For more information on the new DM, check here and here.  The new DM seems to have been better received by the player base, although it still does need some fine tuning.  However, that's a topic for another thread.


The Problem:


So, players now have a general idea on how to kill naval vessels.  However, each ship is different, and each ship has different strengths/vulnerabilities in its protection.  What players need and don't have at the moment is a feature that allows players to analyze a ship, determine its weak spots, and thus now how to engage it with maximum efficiency.


Proposed Solution:


In a recent update, Gaijin introduced the Protection Analysis mechanic for ground forces, which received incredible positive feedback from the community.  With this mechanic, players can now determine whether a certain round would penetrate a certain part of a tank, how many crew members could be killed via that shot, and what tank modules could potentially be damaged via that shot:




In naval forces, the protection analysis would work similarly:




As you can see, the protection analysis would show how many compartments there are on the ship, the resulting reduction of crew as a result of that compartment getting destroyed, and the amount of flooding potentially caused, in addition to the regular modules damaged.  This information is critical when trying to engage a target efficiently, and I'm sure a lot of captains would find it extremely important.




1. Doesn't the armor viewer for destroyers and larger ships already show the compartments?


Yes, but only for the ships which have armor values assigned to them, and even then, sometimes an incomplete picture is painted.  Additionally, the most important information, such as how many compartments are needed to destroy the ship, crew loss percentage, etc. is left out.  And for smaller vessels like PT boats, the DM isn't even shown in the standard armor viewer.


2. What about torpedoes?


I left out torpedoes because most of the time, a torpedo hit is a guaranteed kill.  On larger ships, such as cruisers and destroyers, yes, there is a possibility that a torpedo hit won't destroy the ship, but until damage parameters are specifically assigned for torpedoes, this information can't be determined.


3. I don't agree with all the ideas listed here. Is this suggestion set in stone?


None of my suggestions are set in stone.  If you have your own input, post it in the comments below, and I'll be sure to look into it, and potentially add it to the OP if the argument/evidence is sound.




Thank you all for your time, and I hope you'll consider this suggestion!

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Open for discussion. :salute:

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As Naval protection analysis has been implemented with update 1.93,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions.:salute:

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