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Mi-28 -- an attack heli to add?  

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Mi-28N "Night Hunter" -- Russian all weather attack helicopter




Mi-28N summer 2012 (photo - A.Blogin http://ruforces-com.livejournal.com)


maximum - 324 km / h
cruising - 265 km / h
lateral, back - up to 100 km / h
the angular rotation to hang - up to 90 deg / s
the angular yaw to hang - up to 117 deg / s
angular roll on hover - 100 deg / s


Max. - 1,100 km, practical - 460 km
Ceiling: dynamic - 5700 m, static - 3700 m


The first experimental helicopter Mi-28N was built in August 1996 and made its first flight 14 November 1997 and on April 30, 1997 began to pass the factory flight tests. Four years later, the Mi-28N entered the state joint tests (2001).In June 2005, the program has begun testing the second prototype of the Mi-28N. March 4, 2006 after the successful completion of the first phase of the state joint tests the state commission chaired by Chief of the Russian Air Force, Army General V.S.Mihaylova issued a conclusion on the issue of the initial batch of Mi-28N. In the same year, the first production "Night Hunter" began to arrive in the Russian Air Force. A contract to supply up to 2015 67 Mi-28N was created during state joint tests of the Mi-28N; completed December 26, 2008 signing of the act on their end. October 15, 2009 order of the President of the Russian Fed. Mi-28N officially adopted for use as the primary attack helicopter. Overall, domestic demand is estimated at 300 Air Force "Night Hunter".


Mi-28N yellow board 35 at MAKS-2011, 17.08.2011 (photo - lusika33, military-photos.livejournal.com)


Single-rotor helicopter to the scheme with tail rotor, two GTE, tricycle landing gear and auxiliary wing. Fuselage-metal, semi-monocoque construction, includes nasal and central parts, as well as the tail and the keel beam. In the bow are two separate compartments armored cockpit, which placed a chair in front of the navigator-operator, and behind and above the pilot's seat. To improve the survivability of the helicopter and the survival of the crew cab body armor available, which includes a set of ceramic tiles glued to the frame of the forward fuselage.

Mi-28N - the only helicopter in the world, equipped with side armor windows. Completely plane-parallel glazing armor can withstand direct hits bullets up to 12.7 mm AP shell, the cab withstands 20 mm cannon "Volcano" HE shell hits.




consists of permanent mobile gun mount NPPU- 28 with a gun 2A42 30 mm. Deviation range NPPU-28 is as follows: in azimuth ± 110 °; elevation 13 ...- 40 degrees. Gun ammunition 250 shells located in two boxes with selective bilateral serving on a rotating part of the turret.



on external racks can be suspension of up to 16 anti-tank guided missiles 9M120 supersonic complex " Ataka" or 9M114 complex" Schturm-W ".



ATGM " Ataka" and block HAP B-13 under the Mi-28N board №38 on exposure MAKS-2011, August 2011

(photo - VLAS,Отечественная военная техника (после 1945 г.) • Главная страница ).




"air-to-air" - on the Mi-28N accommodate missiles of "Igla" class "air-to-air" with infrared homing head with command-hardware modules - launchers "Sagittarius".



NAR block B-13 and the launcher "Sagittarius" missile "Needle" on board the Mi-28N №38 on exposure MAKS-2011, August 2011

(photo - VLAS, Отечественная военная техника (после 1945 г.) • Главная страница )



Other suspension arms

are attached to the inner holder blocks rockets B-5V35 , 8V20-B or B-13L1 , unified helicopter gondola BS machine-gun. On the holders can also be transported bombs caliber 250 and 500 kg or additional fuel tanks. Arsenal helicopter also includes heavy rockets C-24B , gun pods UPK-23-250.



Comparison Mi-28N vs. AH-64D






Comparison Mi-28N vs. AH-64D added
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Amazing Mi-28N flight performance HD-video at MAKS-2017



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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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As the Mi-28N Havoc has been implemented with update 1.93,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions.:salute:

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