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Bell AH-1S Step II Cobra


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Hello everyone! Today I would like to present to you the Bell AH-1S Step II Cobra operated by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force!






The Bell AH-1 paved the way for attack helicopter development; proving itself and the concept of a small, yet potent attack helicopter over the jungles of Vietnam. The JGSDF were interested in such a machine and procured two AH-1S Step II (AH-1E's) for testing. Bell manufactured the first two AH-1S Cobra's for the JGSDF. Numbered 73401, and 73402, the two AH-1S Cobra's were Step II modification level. This made them equal to the US Army's AH-1E Cobra. 73401 was delivered in June 1979, and 73402 in June 1980, they were both trialed extensively by the JGSDF. After successful testing the vehicle was selected for licensed production as a Step III modification produced by Fuji Heavy Industries. Both helicopters would remain flying at least until the late 1980's, both originally starting with a dark grey colour scheme. 73401 eventually had its white numbering and lettering blacked out, while 73402 received the standard camouflage pattern you see today. Soon enough 73401 would also received the common camouflage pattern, and became a display at Camp Asaka.







The Bell AH-1S Step II is the most likely candidate for a premium bundle helicopter for Japan, minus making a serial number or squadron specific rotorcraft as a bundle vehicle. The Step II and Step III would pretty much perform identical to one another, the only difference being that the Step II wouldn't have access to TOW-2's unlike its production variant.






General characteristics:


Crew: two (Pilot, Gunner)

Length: 53 ft (16.1 m)

Rotor diametre: 44 ft (13.6 m)

Height: 13 ft 6 in (4.12 m)

Empty weight: 6,600 lb (2,993 kg)

Max. takeoff weight: 10,000 lb (4,500 kg)

Powerplant: 1 × Kawasaki T-53-K-703 Turboshaft, 1,800 shp (1,300 kW)

Rotor system: 2 x primary blades, 2 x tail blades

Fuselage length: 44 ft 7 in (13.6 m)

Stub wingspan: 10 ft 4 in (3.15 m)




Never exceed speed: 196 mph (315 km/h)

Maximum speed: 172 mph (277 km/h)

Range: 315 mi (510 km)

Service ceiling: 12,200 ft (3,720 m)

Rate of climb: 1,620 ft/min (8.2 m/s)




1x 20mm M197 with 760 rounds

76x 70mm Hydra 70 rockets 

8x BGM-71 TOW Missiles




AN/APR-39A radar warning receiver 






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Open for discussion. :salute:

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Added the AN/APR-39A radar warning receiver to the AH-1S Step II

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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