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Wolf I 8x8 Armoured Car


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Initially conceived as a wheeled-tank the Wolf I was proposed by Ford to be a 10 ton 8x6 reconnaissance car in 1941. There was also a proposal for 4x6 armoured car, however the prototype lost out to GM in what would become the Fox I. Over the course of two years the project dimensions ballooned until the vehicle now weighed 15 tons and required 3 Mercury engines to move. The British were reservedly optimistic about the design hoping to use the chassis to create a self propelled 17pdr. 


However by September 1941 talks between Britain and Canada revealed that the the British had some concerns regarding the Wolf. While they found the sides to be decent they had some major concerns regarding the slopping on the front hull and recommended it be reversed which would open up more space. They also pointed out that the turret may not be deep enough to accommodate the 6pdr (it was expected to use the Ram II turret for production) and they feared it would make the unit too top heavy, with that they recommended the 2pdr. It was also recommended that instead of eight wheel steering if it was the axles on the extreme end it would allow the center to be wider allowing for more ammunition. Despite these criticisms the British did like the the overall fundamental basis of the design, the fact it would be easy to manufacture, and the accessibility of the components.     


On may 9 1942 the project was officially cancelled as the British found the American built Boarhound was able to meet their needs more satisfactory. However in a twist of fate the demise of the Boarhound is most likely the outcome the Wolf would've suffered had it entered production. The desert war had ended and of the 2800 that had been ordered only 30 had been built. 


Vehicle stats


Vehicle Data:

Weight empty, 32,000 lbs (14,528kgs). Length. 228 in (579l mm]. Width, unk.
Height. 96 in (24-33 rnm).

Wheel base, 150 in (3810 mm]. Drive, 8x8.

Armor, .12 to 1.7 in (3 to 43.75 mm).

NBC protection,

Individual. Armament: (1) 40mm (2-pounder).

Elevation & traverse. manual. Fire control, optical.

Auxiliary wpn, (1) .30 cal LMG. Capacity: Fuel, gasoline.
Crew. 5. Engine: (3) liquid-cooled. Mercury, gasoline engines producing 283 hp (209 kw).
Location, rear.

Transmission. Manual with 4-forward and 1-reverse gear.

Suspension .System:
Leaf spring. Wheels steerable, 8.

Turning radius,19 ft 6 in (5.9 m). No of wheels. 8.

Tire size, 10.50x20.

Genera! Data:

lntercom, yes.

Performance: Speed. 45 mph (72 km/h).

Range,250 mi (402 kin).

Usage: Only one Wolf was completed.

Manufacturer: Ford of Canada


Ram I Turret Stats






Lucy. Roger. Secret Weapons of the Canadian Army. Service Publications, 2006. Pages 92-94





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2 hours ago, FinlandSupreme said:

+1 US tree

May I hear why? This a Commonwealth vehicle built in a Commonwealth country with a British gun. It's got not place in the US tree. (I'm pretty sure when he said ford he meant ford canada) 

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