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Borgward IV Pz "Wanze"   

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  2. 2. In what form should the vehicle be implemented?

    • Tech-tree variant
    • GE Premium
    • Event-exclusive vehicle
    • N/A (Answered "No" to previous question)
  3. 3. If Added, What BR Should It Be?

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    • 5.0
    • 5.3
    • 5.7
    • above 5.7
  4. 4. If added, add possiblility to spot ennemies with binocular ?

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Borgward IV (B) Pz. J. "Wanze": 

(This is my first participation and I have a very poor English's level. Thank you for your indulgence  ;)



Let us begin with a bit of history : 


During World War II, the Wehrmacht used three remotely operated demolition tanks: the light Goliath (Sd.Kfz. 302/303a/303b), the medium Springer (Sd.Kfz. 304) and the heavy Borgward IV (Sd.Kfz. 301). The Borgward IV was the largest of the vehicles and the only one capable of releasing its explosives before detonating; the two smaller vehicles were destroyed when their explosive charges detonated. 

Borgward originally developed the B IV as an ammunition carrier, but it was found unsuitable. It was also tested as a remote minesweeper, but was too vulnerable to mines and too expensive. During the Battle of France, German engineers from the 1st Panzer Division converted 10 Panzer I Ausf Bs into demolition and mine clearing vehicles, using them to place timed charges on bunkers or minefields without losing the vehicle. The Waffenamt found the idea valuable, and ordered the B IV's development as a remote-controlled demolition vehicle. The first vehicles were delivered in 1942. 

The Borgward IV was much heavier than the Goliath, and carried a much larger payload. The Borgward IV was operated by radio and the Goliath was wire guided, due to the Borgward IV's much longer range a driver in the vehicle would bring it independently to its destination before dismounting and conducting it to its target by radio. When it reached the target, the vehicle would drop the charge and leave the danger area. This put Borgward IV operators in great danger. While the Borgward IV was armored, its armor was inadequate by 1942-43, and its larger size than the Goliath made it much easier to spot.

The more interesting for me is the last variant : near the end of World War II, approximately 56 Ausf. Bs and Cs were converted to the Panzerjäger Wanze, armed with six RPzB 54/1 anti-tank rockets. In the last days of the war, these vehicles fought some minor skirmishes against Soviet armor and saw some action at the Battle of Berlin.



More informations : 

In March 1945, the Germans decide to use the base of the Sd.Kfz 301 Borgward IV ( in its version Ausf. B and C) like a tank destroyer. To be done, they will add 6 rocket launchers Panzerschreck ( Raketenpanzerbüsche 54/1) of 8.8 cm. This vehicule is very discreet ( 3.65 m long, 1.8 m wide and 1.19 m high without armament) and very powerful. It can destroy an IS 2 at close range. Logical because its rockets of 3.3 kilos can pierce 220 mm of armor at 200 meters. This tank counts more on its discretion and its speed of 40 km/h ( on road ) to escape from ennemy shooters than on its amor of 20mm on front and only 8mm on the side. The tank also has 3 grenades smoke to facilitate escape. 

This variant, whose hull has been modified to receive a shooter and a protective shield to block small caliber gun, take the name "Wanze". 





Detailed view of the "Wanze" : 


(Source: TNT, Magazine Trucks and tanks, N ° 47, Berlin 1945, les dernières armes du III. Reich, caraKtère, janvier-février 2015.) 



Service features: 


tank type: tank destroyer
place  : Nazi Germany 
Year of service: 1945
Conflict: Second World War  

Production : 


Designer: Borgward & Co 
Production: 56 copies 


Specifications : 


Lenght: 3,65 m (9.8 ft) 
Width : 1,80 m (3.28 ft)
Height: 1,19 m (3.28 ft)
Weight: 3,75 tons 
Crew: 2 (Driver, Commander/Gunner)
Primary Armament : 6 rocket launchers Panzerschreck ( Raketenpanzerbüsche 54/1) of 8.8cm                           
Smoke:  3 smoke grenade launchers 




Frontal armor: 20 mm 

Hull sides armor: 10 + 8 mm with additional armor

Rear armor : 10 mm + 8 mm with additionnal armor 
Top: 4 mm  
Bottom: 4 mm 



Motor: Borgward 6 M 2,3 RTBV - 6 cylindres 
Power engine: 49 ch
suspension: torsion bar

 Max speed: 40 km / h on road ( 24.85 mph) 

Turning radius : 11,5 m  (37.72 ft) 
Power-to-weight ratio: 13 ch / tonne




This is the PanzerjägerB IV, an Ausf.B, outside Unterden Linden 67 in August 1945.
In addition to the tactical number '333, the unit insignia consisting of a heart with three double-headed arrows is visible on the front of the explosive upside down rocket launcher charge bin. The reveals some interesting details such as the gunner's sight and blast shield - folded here and diagonally stamped to strength.
The weapon was
traversed out increase its and elevated manually, and rotated in the bracket fitted to the side of the vehicle.




Other view of the same tank




Location of the pilot : 











The "Wanze" use  Raketenpanzerbüsche 54/1 rockets. Let’s see  characteristics : 


Caliber: 88 mm

Muzzle velocity : 110 m / s 
Effective firing range: 150-200 m 
Penetration measured against Face-Hardened Armor (FHA), Rolled Homogeneous Armor (RHA).




 Place and Use In War Thunder : 


As you can see, it won't be easy to play ...The gameplay of this vehicule will be the same as M50 ontos and Type 60 ATGM. Useless in rural areas, it can become a monster in town, always take the enemy by surprise and use smokes to run away. Take an other strategic position and  ambush strategy must be used. You've a good mobility and a low profile.It could be the German version of the ASU-57 and allow to have a spot tank for the Germans. 

 "Wanze"  needs to stay neer a point for relaod this rocket. Low ammunition capacity. ( for exemple : you've 6 rockets and 18 others rockets. After that, you need to relaod on a point). The "Wanze" would also have the possibility to shoot the 6 rockets at the same time or to shoot shot by shot. 

Something else, this tank has no horizontal traverse. it will be necessary to move the chassis to shoot on a target. 
For the BR, i'm not really sure ... It could be 5.0 or 5.3 ( Better in 3.7-4.3 after poll). I think this could be a good addition for fans of tank alemand ww2. It can become the new German ontos.  Why not add to it the possibility of spot ennemy with binoculars ... 

To conclude, I think it could be a nice premium/event vehicle as it is a pretty unique type of vehicle purely anti-armour. Its survivability seems bad exposed crew,very light armor and limited ammo, but in the right hands it can prove effective and useful. 






His place in War Thunder seen by other gamers: 


@Zombificus : There are two variants (Ausf. B and Ausf. C), we could have one in the tech tree and another one, representing Panzer-Vernichter-Abteilung 1, as a premium. The premium one would come with that nice decal and be a different type, which would make it unique and worth buying, but the tech tree would still have a version accessible to anyone without paying. This seems like the perfect win-win solution to adding this vehicle, which would be super cool to see in the game. Since it has no traverse, I assume it would have to use the same hull aiming system as the Strv 103, in which case giving it scouting to offset its small ammo count and difficulty of aiming would be a good balancing feature. 



interesting point

In doing more research, I came across some interesting things ! It seems that there were two versions of the "Wanze" ! The version showed above with cockpit on the left and gunner on the right ( Called Borgward IV Ausf. C "Wanze")  and another with the pilot on the right and the shooter on the left ( Called Borgward IV Ausf. B "Wanze" )!  You can see that in the photo below



(At least one Panzerjäger B IV, an Ausf.C, was captured intact and taken to Moscow to form part of an exhibition of captured weapons
in Gorky Park.)




PANZER-VERNICHTUNGS-ABTEILUNG 1 ( New decal in the game ? )  


Finally, I would like to talk to you about the unit in which the "Wanze" fought in Berlin. This is the Panzer-Vernichtungs-Abteilung 1. ( Vernichter = exterminator ). 


In January 1945, Panzer-Versuchs und Ersatz-Abtellung 300 began looking for volunteers and trained B IV drivers for a new 'special'unit. The volunteers were sent to Grafenwöhr for training on the Panzerschreck. After three days of training and test firing, the unit was transferred to the Panzer Ersatz Abteilung 5 in Neuruppin. At this point, the unit was designated 'Einheit Langsdorf'.
At the beginning of February, IN 6 ordered the radio equipment be removed from 56 Ladungsleger Borgward BIV's kept at the armour ordnance office in Magdeburg-Gommern. The maintenance unit of the replacement battalion was ordered to mount six Panzerschrecks on the vehicles and increase their armour. Thanks to twelve-hour shifts, they succeeded in making the conversions as requested. The vehicles, named B IV Panzerjäger, were then issued to the unit, by now redesignated Panzer-Vernichter-Abteilung 1.
Johannes Hentschel, a former member of the 3./Panzer-Vernichter- Abteilung 1, wrote:
"We received new B IV's. A second seat, consisting of a wooden board, had been installed next to the driver's seat and was mounted higher than the driver's seat. In front of it was a mounting for six 'Stovepipes! A protective shield was installed in front of the operator. Mounted on the shield were the aiming mechanism and the firing buttons. In addition to the rounds in the tubes, 18 reserve rounds were stowed around the gunner's seat on the left side. Difficulties were encountered during practice firing as glass shrapnel hit the gunner after firing. This was because the propellant charge of the Panzerschreck projectile was in a glass container."
The newly-formed unit consisted of three companies; the Battalion commander was Hauptmann Groß. At the end of February, the unit transferred from Altruppin to Berlin, where it was billeted in the Landespioneer School in Berlin Karlshorst. Some of the vehicles were parked on the race track, while one section of six B IV's was assigned to guard the OKH in Fehrbelliner Platz. After enemy forces began their advance towards Berlin, Panzer-Vernichter-Abteilung 1 was moved (via the Autobahn) to Ferch, south of Lake Schwielow. At the start of the Soviet Oder offensive, the unit was withdrawn and rushed in the direction of Strausberg on the night of 19-20 April. It was not possible to use the B IV Panzerjägers against armoured vehicles on account of the large numbers of Russian infantry. Panzer-Vernichter-Abteilung 1 subsequently withdrew into the Buchholz area northeast of Berlin. There some of the B IV's had to be abandoned and blown up; the crews then fought the advancing Soviet tanks with Panzerfäuste and bundled hand-grenades. The unit was scattered during these fighting withdrawals. Parts of the battalion engaged Soviet armour with their B IV Panzerjägers in the Unter den Linden area, at the Brandenburger Tor, on Frankfurter Allee and Landsberger Allee, and in the area around the Police headquarters.



I would also like to propose the addition of a new decal in the game. The decal of this division is characterized by a red heart crossed by 3 double-headed arrows






Sources : 


-Loïc Charpentier, «Schwere ladungsträger Borgward IV: la torpille terrestre», Magazine Trucks & Tanks, no 66, mars-avril 2018, p. 14
- Laurent Tirone, «Les bricolages de la Wehrmacht», Magazine Trucks & Tanks, Caraktère, vol. 2, no 27, novembre-décembre 2017 
- TNT, Magazine Trucks and tanks, N ° 47, Berlin 1945, les dernières armes du III. Reich, caraKtère, janvier-février 2015. 

-Werchmacht 1945-1946, tome 1, caraKtère, décembre 2019
-Ligne de Front, N ° 59, L'arsenal du III. Reich, caraKtère, janvier-février 2016. 

- Panzers in Berlin 1945, Panzerwrecks, Lee Archer, Robert Kraska, & Mario Libbert, ISBN: 9781908032164 


http: / /catainium.blogspot.com/2015/11/panzerjager-wanze-tank-destroyer.html?m=1



Pour les personnes parlant le français



(Source: TNT, Magazine Trucks and tanks, N ° 47, Berlin 1945, les dernières armes du III. Reich, caraKtère, janvier-février 2015.) 



(Source: Magazine Batailles & Blindés, N°78, Combats de chars dans Berlin, CaraKtère, Avril-Mai 2017) 



(Source https://studylibfr.com/doc/9283312/véhicules-et-blindés-de-l’armée-allemande--1939-–-1945- ) 



(Source: Les 10 derniers jours du Reich, CaraKtère, HS 39, Mars-Avril 2019, ISSN 1950-8751)



Wanze Inspection, Berlin suburb, April 1945



Continuation of inspection by officers who appear perplexed






Wanze captured by the Soviet army, called "cricket" by soldiers, Berlin, May 1945 :


Wanze abandoned near the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, May 1945: 





Others photos  of Borgward IV "Wanze" in action during the battle of Berlin :  








A heavily camouflaged Panzerjâger B IV Ausf.B. Reports state that five Borgward B IV's were left near Highway A10 to Berlin and that they remained there until Autumn of 1945 - it is possible that these vehicules were from Pz.Ver.Abt. 1. This photo was taken not long after the B IV was knocked out, as a dead soldier's hand eerily sticks out of the vehicule, and stowage is strewn aroud the scene. Note the Panzerfaust in front of the gunner's position and bicycle leaning against the rear of the vehicle. 











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more informations about the "Wanze"
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9 hours ago, ItssLuBu said:

Approved and open for discussion. :salute:

Thank you very much! :salute:

8 hours ago, police2689 said:

Looks very weird, but fun.

I think this vehicle should go 4.7.



Yes I think it could be very fun too and I agree with you on the br ! 

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  • Technical Moderator

So much yes! This would be a perfect rank I premium tank for GE! All of the + 1 from me! :yes_yes_yes:

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It would be a highly unusual, but fun vehicle to play. I think this one would be an ideal squadron/event vehicle at 4.3-4.7, a counterpart of the Soviet ASU-57.

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5 hours ago, Tiraileur said:

It could be a very good addition. I can already see myself playing in it !

Hopefully we'll find it in game one day !



Thanks so much for your review! I also hope that will be added one day in the game :DD 

5 hours ago, IGLA_HUN said:

It would be a highly unusual, but fun vehicle to play. I think this one would be an ideal squadron/event vehicle at 4.3-4.7, a counterpart of the Soviet ASU-57.

Thank you for your opinion as well. I think it might be useful to compensate for the presence of asu 57. It could be a good spot vehicle in 4.0-5.0 for Germans who don’t have one yet :yes_yes_yes:

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1 hour ago, MaggyYolokrau1 said:





tbh I've been very disinterested over the last year about old ww2 German stuff and only focused on top tier but this and some halftracks would serenely rekindle my interest in the lower ranks.

+1 for me differently add it 

Thanks for your feedback! Let’s hope it is added to make you want to play German tanks ww2 :yes_yes_yes:

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2 hours ago, IA3HH said:

great idea.

Thank you for giving your opinion! :good:

1 hour ago, Xenecrite said:

His can help you

  Reveal hidden contents


  Reveal hidden contents



Merci beaucoup ! j'ai effectivement utiliser ce livre pour écrire mon article mais je ne savais pas comment rajouter les pages de manière correcte ! Vous avez réglé mon problème ! :salute:

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9 minutes ago, OzyrysD said:

If you guys want there is something similar:


But Borgward is more interesting.



I’ve seen it before and I think it’s cool too! It’s based on the Universal Carrier chassis. 

I had already been told that the Germans were not happy with the result, there were problems at the time of the shooting and they preferred to detach the tubes to fight with. I’d have to find out where I saw it 


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