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Armor Busting M3A3 Bradley IFV!


Should the M3A3 be added to War Thunder?  

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M3A3 Bradley IFV



M3A3 Bradley


This post is to introduce the M3A3 Bradley IFV to the U.S.A. Ground Forces Tree. This variant of the IFV will bring the Bradley IFV to modern standards, adding a fresh Light Vehicle/IFV used by actual U.S. military forces to the USA tree, and enable it to compete with IFV’s such as the BMP-2M, BMP-3, Strf 90C, Strf 90 BILL, etc.



M242 25mm Chain Gun:

  • Primary Armament includes the same M242 25mm chain gun used by the M3 Bradley currently in-game, utilizing the following ammunition:
    • M791 (APDS, APDS, APDS, HEI-T)
    • M792 (HEI-T, HEI-T, HEI-T, APDS)
  • The M3A3 can carry 1,500 rounds of 25mm ammunition.


TOW Missile Launcher:

  • The largest change of armament is the introduction of the new BGM-71 TOW-2 variants. The BGM-71 (TOW-2) has 3 variants of missiles for different tasking:
    • BGM-71D (TOW-2), capable of penetrating 900mm of RHA (in-use, primarily use 2A/2B variants).
    • BGM-71E (TOW-2A), capable of penetrating 900mm of RHA behind ERA utilizing tandem warhead.
    • BGM-71F (TOW-2B), capable of top-down attack utilizing explosive formed penetrators.
  • These 3 TOW-2 Missiles travel at a speed of 278 m/s, maintaining the speed of the original TOW missile however with new ranges. The BGM-71D and 71E have a maximum range of 3,750 meters while the BGM-71F has a minimum and maximum range of 200-4,500 meters.
  • The M3A3 is capable of stowing 10 (+2) TOW-2 series missiles.


Coaxial M240C 7.62mm Machine Gun:

  • Coaxial machine gun capable of light fire and clearing of obstacles.
  • The M3A3 carries 4,540 rounds of 7.62mm.




The M3A3 Bradley utilizes steel plating, 5083 aluminum plating for the hull, and 7039 aluminum plating for the turret. A M3A3 specific armor upgrade is the inclusion of titanium armor on the roof for added protection against aerial weapons fire. The M3A3 also has additional reinforced steel plating on the frontal arc, protecting against 30mm rounds as well as steel plating around the chassis and side skirts protecting against explosive devices.


Bradley Urban Survival Kit (BUSK):

  • The BUSK is a kit designed to enhance the Bradley’s capability to survive in Urban high-risk environment.

These kits include:

  • Frontal, Turret, and Side Skirt ERA armor with a minimum of 260mm of HEAT protection.
  • Commander’s Light Automatic Weapon (CLAW) 5.56mm machine gun mount (optional).
  • IED explosive armor plating around the chassis.



The M3A3 Bradley utilizes a Cummins VTA-903 engine with a GE HMPT-500 Transmission capable of a top road speed of 56-66 km/h.



  • Laser Rangefinder
  • 2nd Generation FLIR
    • Thermal Imaging devices for Driver, Gunner, and Commander (all crew members).
  • Bradley Urban Survival Kit (BUSK)
  • x2 4-Barrel Grenade Launchers
  • ESS








A rear view of an M3A3, showing ERA armor package.



A front view of an M3A3 showing ERA blocks covering the frontal arc, and sides. Commander's Thermal Imager shown on left side of turret.



Frontal view with addon armor plating visible, commander's thermal sight facing away from photographer.



Closeup of the commander's thermal sight.



Side view of an M3A3 Bradley without ERA. 







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I wasn’t even aware lol. I also forgot to add the M919 APFSDS rounds so I hope we see that in there :)


2 for 2, PTL02 and the M3A3 xD

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As the M3A3 Bradley has been implemented with update 2.5 Ixwa Strike,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions. :salute:

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