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AMX-11B International ACOL

AMX-11B International ACOL  

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General Info
The story of the the AMX International started between a joint cooperation between Alenia-Aermacchi, of Italy and EMBRAER, of Brazil, the project was born out of the need to find a suitable replacement for the G.91Y, and take its place in the ground attacker role, due to the fact that the G.91Y was slowly but surely getting outdated and could no longer be reliable enough to warrant it staying in service for that particular role. Italy also wanted a advanced multi-role platform with the addition of reconnaissance capabilities. Brazil had joined primarily to also replace an Italian aircraft they had in service, the Aermacchi MB-326, which for the modern war setting it was not adapted for. After a few years in development, some setbacks in form of accidents, and finally the prototypes being tested, the AMX-11 would officially be put in service inside of Italy by 1989. One of the main advantages of the AMX-11 would be that as fighter and attack aircraft, the AMX features much lower costs than its competitors. For radar, AMX-11's are equipped with a variant of the EL/M-20001B radar, Fiar in Italy manufactures the radar, which is designed by Elta in Israel. Since then the AMX-11a has had an extensive service record, thanks to the amount of armaments it could use, such as AIM-9Ls infrared guided Sidewinder air-to-air missile, and since it is a multi role aircraft, it comes packed with plenty of ordinance options, ranging from bombs, rockets, and PGMs. The Italian version of this aircraft is also equipped with an 20mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon, while the Brazilian version uses 30mm Defa cannons due to the USA veto on the M61A1 cannon for Brazil. For defense, the AMX is equipped with an active and passive electronic countermeasures system supplied by Elettronica. The RWR is mounted inside of the tail fin. In terms of speed, the AMX-11 is able to go 1053km an hour, thanks to the Rolls-Royce Spey 807 turbofan engine it is equipped with, this allows the aircraft to have a range of 889km. Its rate of climb and service ceiling are also amazing for an aircraft of this type, later down the line however the aircraft would receive an upgrade. The AMX-11B ACOL would be an Italian upgrade to the AMX-11A, it would be a mid life update to the aircraft, ACOL standing for ''Aggiornamento Capacità Operative e Logistiche'' or in English ''Update to Logistical and Operative Capabilities''. This mid life update outfitted 55 AMX-11A aircraft with new avionics, which included the addition of an INS/GPS navigation system, new communications systems, IFF (identification friend or foe) and new HUD displays. The biggest addition to the upgrade was that it was ready to deploy smart munitions, such as JDAM bombs, which would later play an essential role in Afghanistan, as AMX-11's could finally provide much better close air support to the contingent troops stationed there. The first flight of the AMX-11B ACOL took place in September 2005, and the first batch of upgraded aircraft would be delivered in March of 2007. For now the AMX-11B is still in service and is likely to remain like this for the foreseeable future. 
x1 20mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon
JDAM (joint direct attack munition) Guided Bombs
MK82,MK83,MK84 snakeye 'R-WORD' bombs
GBU-12 Bombs
BL-755,BLU-1 Bombs
M117 GP Bombs 
Matra Durandal Bombs
BAP-100 Bombs
(Also cluster, Electro-Optical guided bombs are available)
Hydra-70 Rocket Pods
LAU-5003 Rocket Pods
x2 AIM-9L Sidewinder Air-to-Air Missile
x2 Matra Magic Air-to-Air Missile 
x2 MAA-1 Piranha Air-to-Air Missile
x2 IRIS-T Air-to-Air Missile
x2 IRIS-T Air-to-Ground Missile
x2 AGM-65 Maverick Air-to-Ground Missile
X2 AS-30L  Air-to-Ground Missile
x2 AS-34 Kormoran (Anti-Ship) Air-to-Ground Missile
x2 AM-39 Exocet (Anti-Ship) Air-to-Ground Missile
x2 Marte Mk2/A (Anti-Ship) Air-to-Ground Missile
Optional equipment includes but is not limited to: Beluga cluster dispensers,reconnaissance pods, night/thermal vision devices.

unknown.png?width=332&height=473 Senza_titolo.png a1_1.jpg?width=693&height=473 63250_75673314_AMX_CUT.jpg?width=700&hei image0.jpg?width=359&height=473

Why it should be in game
I believe it should be in game as it would be a great CAS aircraft to have, and if Gaijin was to add the AMX-11A, the AMX-11B would come after it, as it is more advanced and has access to different weaponry. It would be easy to model if gaijin makes the AMX-11A as not much would change, and in game both aircraft have a place at the top of Italy's air tree. Italy lacks homegrown CAS aircraft so the AMX-11 would be great to have, especially considering its extensive service record and history.
a6ef692e-03c3-d185-81c4-5388e8b53426.png img_64-1.png?width=1025&height=352 image0.jpg?width=885&height=473 image0.jpg?width=710&height=473 image0.jpg?width=630&height=473
7e3c3f32-fbf4-5581-6f9d-777fa7c9b534.png unknown.png AMX+9802.jpg

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+1. Together with the other Italian variants of the AMX-11, this is a natural and logical addition to the Italian tech tree. Italian, iconic and unique, what more can you ask? And as a plus, the Brazilian variants of the AMX International can even come as low cost premium/event vehicles in the future!

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23 minutes ago, _ArchangelAzrael said:

+1 only issue I see is with the balancing of this thing

Same issue as the Yak 130 , very capable weaponry in a maneuverable package with high tech avionics  but abysmal top speed 

Top speed doesn't really matter much, especially in the world of all-aspect missiles. Though I think it's better to have different GRB and ARB BRs for such planes, especially MB.339CD, M-346FA, AMX A-11A, Yak-130 and other similar.

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