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MTW M113 G A1


MTW M113 G A1  

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In 1962 the Bundeswehr purchased their first few M113 APC's, in the standard US base-configuration, however, these vehicles did not conform to German specifications and safety-standards, which prompted Germany to, after the initial purchase, only buy partially completed M113 hulls, and then proceed to let them be modified by German arms-companies, to the specified safety and equipment standard.


The carried out modifications saw the replacement of the M2 .50cal with the MG3, a new radio-set, new optics, new internal lights, DIEHL tracks, and smoke-launchers behind the fording-plate.


These modified M113's were re-designated "MTW M113 G", and were the main M113 variant Germany adopted in a large scale, overall, 8,000 M113's were in German service.


In 1974, the existing M113 G's had their engine replaced with a new, Detroit Type 6V53, 6 cylinder diesel-engine with 210hp. These modified M113's were renamed to "MTW M113 G A1".


As for the name, "MTW" is the German abbreviation for APC, however, this is contained in the official designation, so if we will get a German M113, it's full name in the stat-card should be "MTW M113 G A1".


Only MTW M113 G A1's were armed and tested with the MILAN ATGM launcher from 1978 onwards, as the later A2 and A3 versions were developed in the 90's, when the M113 was considered obsolete for combat duties, instead being used as utility vehicle, for example as command- and control vehicle, signals-vehicle, artillery-computing vehicle, fire-direction center and ambulance.


Image and video (it seems images of specifically the MILAN version are quite scarce):







Crew: 4 (driver, commander, gunner, loader)

Height: 2,6m

Length: 4,8m

Width: 2,6m

Weight: 11t

Top-speed: 54km/h

Engine: Detroit Type 6V53, 6 cylinder, 210hp



1x Adapter to mount and fire MILAN ATGM's, 1x MG3, 8x 76mm smoke-launchers



I think this vehicle would be a great ~ 7.0 - 7.3 missile-carrier, which could be a good stop-gap between the two RakJPz's, or maybe even before the RakJPz 2, because of the M113's inferior armour and silhouette.


If you spot any mistakes, or want to add something, feel free to ping me under this thread! :salute:



MTW M113 (Bw) (panzerbaer.de)

Baubericht - M113 A1 G (panzer-modell.de)

Variants of the M113 armored personnel carrier - Wikipedia

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