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5cm KwK 38 L/42 auf Infanterie PzKpfw MK II 748(e) "Oswald"


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During the North Africa campaign of WW2, the Wermacht began running into stronger tanks than they expected, they initially had run ins with Crusaders and Vickers Light tanks, but once they encountered the Queen of the Desert, the Infantry Tank Matilda Mk.II, nothing short of an 8.8cm cannon could stop them. Seeing the power of the Matilda, the Wermacht were more than happy to capture any Matildas in operational order, to use for themselves. During the North Africa campaign, many Matilda IIs were turned against their original operators, a tank under the name of "Dreadnought" is one vehicle frequently seen in photographs from the time. A few of the vehicles were sent back to Germany for Analysis; this practice was normal for all armies, and these tanks were typically retained in their standard configuration. However, one vehicle, previously known as No. 111, was turned into the only existing 5cm KwK 38 L/42 auf Infanterie Panzerkampfwagen MK II 748 (e). Because of the length of the name, the vehicle was nicknamed "Oswald" by it's operators.

matilda-17.thumb.jpg.5496cf4afc0f681c78b matilda-30.thumb.jpg.9a87cfca4dbf2a72786

(Above, a couple of pictures of Oswald, before it was converted, when it was known as "No. 111")


Matilda_KwK_38-1024x442.thumb.jpg.a58a32 matilda-22.thumb.jpg.1a3fa61bea5a1bf260a

(Above, Oswald, after having been converted to it's final form, being shipped aboard a boat)

Oswald was converted by Hochsee-Lehrkommando (In English as the High Seas Instructional Command). For a while, it was trained as just a normal Matilda II, but it later underwent the modifications to make it famous, however, the hull, powerplant, transmission, and everything else, remained the same as it was when it was in the British Army. The Major changes then, were all for the turret, Oswald had "his" turret removed, and instead, the turret was replaced with a mount on the ring, which moved via a pivot, and then the gun (Complete with it's original shield behind it), was mounted in place with another shield welded into it, built by hand, it acted as a shield for infantry and the crew, while remaining open-topped. In order to defend themselves in exercises, or just for training, two MG 15s were mounted on top of the shield. The only other modifications done to the vehicle were purely cosmetic, and the name Oswald was added onto the front left track guard.

Matilda_kwk_001.thumb.jpg.b615055c178d16 matilda-19.thumb.jpg.137ce0ff434ef544f5f Infanterie_PzKpfw_MK-II-748e_Oswald.thum


(Other Images of Oswald, showing off different angles, and the camouflage, shown in color, has been illustrated by Tanks Encyclopedia)


The Matilda known as Oswald is believed to have served under the British Army in North Africa before it's capture, and bore the serial "111". The vehicle does, however have a suspension that is raised, a feature not used in production after the debacle in France in 1940, so it could've very well been captured from the BEF. Almost completely unscathed, the tank came into German possession at some point in 1942. It was moved to occupied Holland, and was handed over to the Hochsee-Lehrkommando in Terneuzen, where it underwent it's upfit. It was then used to train loaders and take part in training. It actually took part in training for Operation Sea Lion, the ill fated project to invade Britain. Unfortunately, after this it's unknown what happened to Oswald, it is possible it was used against allies as Holland was liberated, it may have been destroyed in action, or scrapped, it didn't see any action during the rest of the war, and does not exist today, to public knowledge.


I think the Matilda II Oswald would make another good addition to War Thunder, and would make a nice Event/Premium vehicle that would be tough, but vulnerable to aircraft, and make a nice ambush vehicle.



Dimensions: 15'11 x 8'6" x 8'3" ft.in (5.99 x 2.60 x 2.50 m) (Estimates based off of the images and measurements.)

Crew: Presumably 3-4, Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader, possibly more.

Powerplant: 2 Diesel 6-cyl AEC/Leyland 94/95 hp engines

Speed: 16 mph road/9 mph offroad (26/14 kmh)

Armament: 5cm KwK 38 L/42 + 2 x MG 15 7.92 MGs (Ammo for 5cm is probably 15-20 rounds, and MGs probably carry 2 extra drums each)








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Open for discussion. :salute:

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1 hour ago, HMSD33Dauntless said:

Now this is cool, any idea how much armor the gun shield has and if the horizontal traverse is limited?

Not entirely sure, but I'd reckon about the same thickness as the shield behind it, and I'd guess the traverse is limited to about as much as the crew can move around it.

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13 hours ago, Ghostmaxi said:

Ah, i thought it was allready suggested befor, i would have made one.

It was, but it got taken down in a list clean.

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On 10/07/2021 at 05:31, police2689 said:

'Infantry Tank Mk.II A12 Matilda' to '5cm KwK 38 L/42 auf Infanterie PzKpfw MK II 748(e) "Oswald" '...great.


I mean, it could always just be called PzKpfw MK II "Oswald" :P 


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