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35R 731 (f) mit T-26 TURM  

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The 35R 731 (f) mit T-26 TURM is a unique mix-and-match tank produced by German engineers using parts from captured vehicles.  This particular tank placed the turret of a Soviet T-26 on the chassis of a French Renault R35.  Unfortunately, very little is known about this vehicle, with only a single undated photograph offering proof of its existence.  All that can be proven for sure is that at least one such vehicle existed on the Eastern Front in the timeframe of 1942-1944.  Its exact role is uncertain but given the weakness of both the T-26 and R35 when compared to contemporary designs of that period it is most likely that it was created in occupied Yugoslavia as an anti-partisan vehicle.  However, it is also possible that this vehicle was meant to operate on the front line in a support role, as a munition transport or command vehicle.  There is even debate as to whether the turret was capable of rotation or locked forward, turning the vehicle into a crude SPG.  The sad truth is that we are unlikely to ever know for sure.  


Although it is quite an obscure vehicle I think that the 35R 731 (f) mit T-26 TURM would be an excellent addition to the game as a tier 1 premium or event vehicle for German ground forces!  It would be very easy for Gaijin to model as both halves of it are already in the game; the conical turret used in the photographed example is the same type of turret used on the variant of T-26 present in the game.  If we did get it in the game I would like to see it with a fully-rotating turret, since with a poor speed and weak turret armor, this tank has a lot of disadvantages already.  The strong hull armor could be quite useful, however!



Length:  4.02m

Width:  1.87m

Height:  ~2.13m

Weight:  ~10.6 tons

Engine:  Renault 4-cylinder gasoline engine, 82 hp

Speed:  20 kmh (12 mph)

Crew:  3 (Driver, Gunner, Loader)

Armor:  15mm (turret), 40mm (hull)

Armament:  One 45mm 20-K cannon (unknown rounds), one coaxial 7.62mm DT machine gun (1890 rounds)

Number Built:  At least one











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On 21/09/2021 at 21:59, Mako_Reizei1 said:

this would be great vehicle when beutepanzer/gdr subtree line come with or without separate MM.


Yes please

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