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7,7cm WD Schlepper 50 Ps


Do you want the 7,7 cm WD Schlepper 50PS?  

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I would like to suggest the 7,7 cm WD Schlepper 50 PS. Funny name, what is it? Oh thats simple its a classical 1920 fully tracked tractor with some armor put on and a 7,7 cm FK 96 L/27 put on a 30° platform with gunshield on it. Crew of 2 1 build and put into service. Funny story, but similar to the Zis 30.


The Wehrmacht gave on the 08.10.1926 an order to Krupp AG to construct an SPG for a 7,5 cm Infantry gun. It was an civil Fully tracked vehicle to be used and a Gun with shield of 8mm with 15° traverse to each side as well as -10 and +40° elevation. The Hull armor 10mm and a max speed of 12 km/H. ammo was at the back in 5mm armored boxes.


The gun is the 7,7 cm FK 96 with about the same projectiles as the later 7,5 cm K 37 L/24 (the FK 96 were later also rechamered for 7,5 mm ammo which is based on the 7,7 cm ammo)

There was an He grenade, which i couldnt find info on, but one He grenade was called Feldgranate 96 with a weight of 6,8 kg and 190g of TNT (had a good shrapnell and a moderate AT performance used in WW1 with great sucsess against British landship tanks also 465m/s by gaijins calculation 53-57mm penetration.

There was also AP grenade perhaps the preversion of the K.Gr.Rot Pz with 6,8 kg fired at 465m/s and by gaijins calculation with wopping 66mm at 10m

10mm Hull armor all round

50 HP at 850 r/min



8mm gunshild

7,7 cm FK 96

15° left and right each

-10+40° elevation

around 10-40 rounds in 5mm ammo box at the back

6 ton

(Its so old its hard to find reliable info on it)

http://www.landships.info/landships/artillery_articles/images/fk96_nA_1_5_small.jpg 7,7cm lFK Ammunition Von 13mm bis 80cm 7,7 cm FK 96 L/23 auf WD Schlepper 50 PS - Rheinmetall Design von 1927.

Sources:  Thomas L.Jentz, Hilary Louis Doyle - Panzer Tracts No.7-1, Panzerjäger (3,7cm Tak bis Pz.Sfl.Ic) Entwicklung und Einsatz von 1927 bis 1941

Walter J. Spielberger - Die RAD- und Vollkettenzugmaschinen des Deutschen Heeres 1870-1945

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+1, looks cool to me.  Would have to be added in an event or something for the memes only though since its usefulness is highly questionable.

medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal

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