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PM 2 with Leopard 1A5 Turret - This Looks So Wrong


PM 2 with Leopard 1A5 Turret  

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TL;DR: A 105mm armed fire-support vehicle based on a prototype hull.




The concept of a multi-role modular chassis has been tossed around for decades upon decades. There are many successful examples of these chassis such as the M113, AMX-10, CV90, and many more. Success, however, doesn't come too frequently when it comes to arms development and there are significantly more failed multi-role chassis than successful ones. The ACV Puma family in one such failed example. Jointly developed by Krauss-Maffei and Diehl Defence largely for the export market, the ACV (Armored Combat Vehicle) Puma family were a series of three chassis: light, medium, and heavy. The light chassis featured 4 roadwheels and a 440hp engine, the medium chassis featured 5 roadwheels and a 750hp engine, and the heavy chassis featured 6 roadwheels and a 750hp engine. All three were advertised to be highly modular and to hammer in this point, Krauss-Maffei and Diehl Defence put just about every weapon system they could find onto at least one of the three chassis. From the Cockerill CK 25 to the GIAT TML 105 turret, anything they could get their hands was fitted. Despite its intention being the export market, two ACV Puma chassis would be purchased by the German Army and would be named PM 1 and PM 2. These would aid in the development of the failed Marder 2. PM 2 was a heavy variant and would be experimentally fitted with a Leopard 1A5 turret. This experiment wouldn't go anywhere.


At an unknown date, it was decided to mount a Leopard 1A5 turret onto the light version of the ACV Puma, however, all pictures of this vehicle show the turret in a partially disassembled state. It is ultimately unknown if the turret was like this when it was fitted or if it was the result of demilitarization. (I'm saying this to give context to the pictures below.)


Place In War Thunder:

Conventional light tanks is an area where Germany is strangely lacking. From 8.7 to 9.7, Germany has two autocannon carriers. They could really use a vehicle or two in the middle of that gap. The PM2 with a Leopard 1A5 turret could be that vehicle. Since it uses the Leopard 1A5 turret, it gets access to DM33, which is a pretty strong round. Playstyle would be similar to the TAM. It would be a tad slower due to it being a good 8000~kg heavier, however, its DM33 shell would allow for more aggressive play. It would slot in nicely at 9.0 in the light tank line, however, due to its experimental nature, it could easily come in as a premium or event vehicle.




Armament: 105mm L7A3 and 1x 7.62mm MG


Dimensions: 6.50m, 3.25m, 2.91~m (L,W,H)


Weight: 38000~kg


Armor: Proof against 7.62mm AP


Crew: 4


Ammunition: Same as Leopard 1A5 in-game


Speed: 65~kph


Horsepower: 750hp




Side View:



The following images are the Leopard 1A5 turret on the light version of the ACV Puma chassis, however, the turret is mounted the same way.


Front View (As It Is Today):



Top View (As It Is Today):



Rear View (As It Is Today):



Rear Door Open (As It Is Today):



3/4th View (As It Is Today):



Specification Sheet:





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  • DMYEugen changed the title to PM 2 with Leopard 1A5 Turret - This Looks So Wrong

Interesting find, +1 from me.  


Definitely does look like a Thing That Should Not Be however, you're right.

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