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Leopard 1 with Cockerill 3105 Turret


Leopard 1 with Cockerill 3105 Turret  

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Leopard 1 with Cockerill 3105 Turret




At the recent showing of Eurosatory 2022 in Paris Belgian firm John Cockrill unveiled their latest project, an ex-Belgian Army Leopard 1 outfitted with the Cockerill 3105  gun system. According to a John Cockerill spokesman the company believes that since there are multiple countries still operating the veteran Leopard in service it is viable to offer a substantial upgrade package to those looking to replace it instead. John Cockerill had successfully outfitted the Leopard prototype with the 3105 turret back in March 2022 with a simple adapter ring that only required a singular cable to connect the power systems. The 3105 gun system offers a new 105mm canon with a 12 or 16 round auto-loader (12 rounds for the prototype) capable of firing the latest APFSDS, HEAT and anti-tank guided missiles. It is fully stabilized with a digital FCS offering high-hit probability for on the move fire and is equipped with 3rd generation thermal sights for the gunner and commander. Protection is provided by STANAG Level 4 armor capable of delfecting 14.5mm fire and 155mm artillery splinters. The package has been offered to upgrade the Brazilian Army's fleet of Leopard 1s and is awaiting further evaluation. 


Technical Data:


Dimensions: ( 9.54 m x 3.25 m x  2.6 m)

Weight: 38.2 tons

Suspension: Torsion bar with shock absorbers

Transmission: ZF 4HP250 

Propulsion: MTU MB 838 CaM-500 engine, 830 hp at 2,200 rpm

Speed: 66 km/h on road, 26 km/h off-road

Crew: 3 men  (Driver, Commander, Gunner)

Armament: Cockerill 105mm high-pressure gun, 12 rounds in autoloader 60 rounds in hull

Coaxial and Pintle mounted 7.62 FN MAG machine guns 

 Armor: Hull: (70mm x 35mm x 25mm) Turret: STANAG Level 4 protection against 14.5mm fire and artillery splinters



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