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DB L 4500 A with 20mm Flakvierling 38


Do you want the DB L 4500 A mit 2 cm Flakvierling 38?  

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I would like to suggest the DB L 4500 A with 20mm Flakvierling 38, one of three mounted gunsystems.

What is it? Its just an big Truck with an Armor kit (like the Flakbus in game) and a Flak put on the loadingspace.

The vehicle is the DB L 4500 A, that stands for DB - Deimler Benz; L - Lastkraftwagen (Truck); 4500 - The loading capacity 4500 kg (well its 4685 for street useage and offroad 4085kg but anyway); A - Allrad (full wheel drive).

I am suggesting the DB variant, as the vehicle was also build by Büssig NAG (an NAG at the start instead of DB then), because the DB version looks better, is better and was also only used for the 5 cm Flak (if all 3 versions come to game Gaijin would only need 1 Vehicle model).

Main visual difference is in the Armor kit, the plate between the doors and the frontplate has 4 corners on the DB but only 3 on the NAG and the Vision hole for the Commander is bigger on the NAG


But also the engines are different. DB has an OM 67/4 engine with 112 HP while the NAG has an engine with only 105 HP. (Doesnt sound much, but its only a truck after all.)


Note: There were multiple models, i am suggesting with armor, metal construcktion and a bench behind the drivercabin and at the end of the cargospace. (Pictures are hard to come by, there were also wooden construction and some without benches, in which the ammo is also stored like on the Flakbus or Yak AA)


Then it also has a 20 mm Flakvierling 38 on the back, with gunshield. The same Gunsystem as on the Wirbelwind, but not yet in game in the normal style.


Why would i like to see it?

Its an cool 4 wheel truck AA (There are no Full Trucks in the german tree yet), which is faster than the other vehicles and has armor to withstand MG Fire, and even comes with 3 different guns ( 20mm Flakvierling 38, 3,7 cm Flak 36 and 5 cm Flak 41)

It will add the Backbone AA of germany with 2 Popular and well known guns and an very powerfull Gun. It will add a nimble and fast vehicle with good guns (well AA guns at that) and give a fast playstyle of which Germany doesnt have much (Light tanks and such)

5896488963_456e055973.jpg.44a21c2b01ec14 1.jpg.0396b1aba28a6c56b5f400a109866b9f.j


So the gun is the usual 2 cm Flakvierling 38 made of 4x 2 cm Flak 38.

20mm 480 rpm 20r magazins.

Horizontal: 360° at 42°/sec (Aced, no crew)

Vertical: -10° +90° at 14°/sec (Aced, no crew)

Pzgr L`Spur ApI-T 0,148 kg 830m/s 40mm/10m

Pzgr 40 L`Spur Apcr-T 0,1 kg 1050m/s 48mm/10

And most importantly

Sprgr L`Spur 0,12kg 900m/s 6g Pent (10,8g)

The other characteristics can be found in game on the Wirbelwind (its the same just with a 360° Shield)


And the Vehicle.

The DB L 4500 A (seen above)

Length 7860mm

Width 2350mm

Height 3345mm

Wheelbase 4600mm

Height from the ground 340mm

Waterdepth 800mm

Turningcyclediameter 19,3m (can someone tell me if that is good or bad?)

Carriengcapacity 4685 kg on the street and 4085 kg when driving offroad

Maximal allowed full weight 10400kg and 9800 kg offroad (I couldnt find the weight of the vehicles with armor and different guns, but cince they are all also seen offroad it wont be more than 9800kg)

Topspeed 66 kph and 43 kph offroad

112 Hp OM 67/4 engine (Diesel) at 2250 rpm 350 nm at 2250 rpm

The armor is similar to that on the Flakbus, its called Behilfspanzerung (Supportarmor or so) so 10-14,5 mm armor and on the Gun is the usual 8-10mm shield.


Frank, Reinhard: Mercedes im Kriege – Personenwagen, Lastkraftwagen, Sonderaufbauten. Podzun-Pallas-Verlag, Dorheim. 1985.

Ware, Pat: The Illustrated Guide to Military Vehicles: A complete reference guide to over 100 years of military vehicles. Anness Publishing – Hermes House. London. 2010

Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage: German Military Vehicles of World War II: An Illustrated Guide to Cars, Trucks, Half-Tracks, Motorcycles, Amphibious Vehicles and Others. McFarland, 2007.

Werner Oswald: Kraftfahrzeuge der Reichswehr, Wehrmacht und Bundeswehr, Motorbuchverlag, Stuttgart 1970

H.Dv. 381 /2 Munition der 2 cm Waffen


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There was closer to the wars end a material shortage, because of that the vehicle was instead build with wood, like seen on the pics above, but the 2 cm Flak was also with the normal metal one.


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