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McDonnell Douglas F-15A "Baz"


Israeli F-15A Baz  

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McDonnell Douglas F-15A "Baz"






While making my History, Performance & Discussion thread, I noticed that there had been no suggestion made for the Israeli F-15 Baz! Considering the amount of combat it has seen in IAF, this felt like it needed to be corrected immediately. :)


Brief History:


Due to brewing middle-east conflicts Israel had the opportunity of becoming McDonnell Douglas' first export customer of the F-15 in 1974, after a comparison study between it and the Grumman F-14 Tomcat. This was important to Israel as it had lost quite over 100 of its F-4 Phantom's recently in the 1973 Yom Kippur War and the Israeli Air Force was looking to replace them. Ultimately, the Israeli Air Force decided that the F-15 was superior in nearly every way and sought to make an order. As a part of the "Peace Fox" program the first four Eagles arrived in Israel in December of 1976, with 19 F-15A and 2 F-15B two-seaters scheduled to arrive in late 1977.


It would not be long after until the new F-15 Eagles, nicknamed the 'Baz' (Hebrew for 'falcon'), would prove their effective after see their first active conflict in 1979 with the first Eagle victory in history. On June 27, 1979 Major Moshe Melnik of the Israeli Air Force scored the first F-15 kill on a Syrian MiG-21 using a Rafael Python 3 missile. Three more MiG-21s were destroyed by other members of Melnik's formation at this time. However this was only the beginning of the Eagle's dramatic success as an air superiority fighter as it went on to server in every major Israeli military operation there on after.


To this day, the F-15 is credited with a total of 104 aerial victories, with not a single loss as a result of combat.




Length: 19.45m

Height: 5.65m

Wingspan: 13.05m

Wing area: 56.49m² (608.0ft²)

Powerplant: (2) Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-100 afterburning turbofan engines


    Military power: 130,520 N

    Afterburner: 201,060 N

Max speed: Mach 2.5

Service ceiling: 20,000m (65,000ft)


    Empty weight: 12,475kg (27,500lb)

    Max T-O weight: 25,400kg (56,000lb)

Internal fuel capacity: 6,658 liters (1,759 US gal, ~11,400 lbs @ 6.5 lb/gal)

External fuel tanks

  • 610 US gal (2,309 liters)



  • AN/APG-63 radar
  • AN/ALR-56A radar warning receiver


Countermeasures: None until 1986 [1], then AN/ALE-45 CMD - Eight dispensers of 30 1"x1" chaff (white) or 15 1"x2" flares (red) (240 chaff, 120 flares total)



Cannon: M61A1 Vulcan (940 rounds, 4000 or 6000 RPM)

A-A Missiles:

  • AIM-9J/-9G/9H/-9L Sidewinder
  • AIM-7E2/-7F Sparrow
  • Rafael Python 3


A-G Ordnance:

  • Mark 82 (LDGP, Snakeye)
  • Mark 84 LDGP

Unguided, dumb bombs only, with CCIP.

Later models modified for additional strike options.


Stores Loading (TF-15A) and Photos:
























^ HUD view of a Python 3 launched by IAF pilot 'Moshe Melnik' heading towards an enemy MiG.














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Open for discussion. :fixsnail:

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+ F-15A from Isreal good IR missile better than F-15A (USAF), let me guess should be no more BR 11.7 because only have SARH BVR missile

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38 minutes ago, PARDUS IX@live said:

It could also carry gubu-8-15 and all walleye variants in IAF service at that time.





Are you sure that this isn't a later model of F-15?

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There's a possibility that F-15A Baz might be early fighter aircraft 12.0 toptier with BVRAAM AIM-7 in rank 8 because in major update " La Royale '' F-4E Kurnass 2000 without AIM-7

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On 31/12/2022 at 06:10, MonkeyBussiness said:

wich mean it did fight in 1980/1982 without CM o_o


In the USAF (and probably other air forces too), countermeasures were designed primarily with the avoidance of ground based missile systems in mind. The F-15A was initially (in the late 1970's) purely employed as an air-superiority fighter by the US, and as such, doctrine stated that countermeasures were unnecessary weight/expense on such a mission since the fighter pilot was supposed to keep enemies off his six by evasion or a wingman backup. Of course, the proliferation of Soviet all-aspects in the following few years meant that flares/chaff became indispensable to all missions, not just ground-attack. The ground-strike mission of the F-16A is why that model always had flares/chaff from the get-go. I would assume however if we get the F-15A in game, it will definitely come with its early 1980's countermeasures mounting.

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