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Genesis hybrid tank prototype with 30mm


Would you like to see the Genesis prototype in game?  

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  2. 2. At what BR would you like to see it?

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    • 8.0-9.0
    • 9.0-10.0
    • I said No above.
  3. 3. Should it be blue in the game as the standard color?

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6DCFBBE9-39A3-45C0-A1B8-B125BCDB4679.jpg 8E10B3A8-33E1-4F43-8A10-6111224134D5.png
In September of 2020 the Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG) presented their own financed Genesis plug-in hybrid 8x8 prototype to he German military as part of the “Aktuelle Herausforderungen und Perspektiven des wehrtechnischen Mittelstands als Motor für Fähigkeitserhalt und Technologieinnovation”  exhibition. 
The vehicle itself is a hybrid 8x8 and shows the capability of FFG in hope to get contracts for 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles with hybrid propulsion. 


Genesis: The vehicle itself is modular like the boxer and can carry a wide range of mission modules. The vehicle itself is powered by a diesel inline 6 as a generator that feed into a lithium battery  and a has 8 electric motors for each wheel with around 1850ps, the range is over 600km when used in it’s hybrid mode and it can use its a all electric mode (True silent watch) for stealthy driving for up to 150km. The top speed is over 100kmh but the true top speed hadn’t been published yet. The true advantage of the full electric drive system is that it can easily cross water by driving through it like a submarine. The vehicle itself is controlled by three touchscreens and has a drive by wire system. The  vehicle comes in at 25t but can go up to 40t.  6FEB44AD-7FA6-48CC-85DB-EBEC6F4FC2F5.jpg 2F80B6E0-6FF4-46F8-A6A1-E28E1E5F99CC.jpg



Length: 8,25 m 

Width: 3,20 m 

Height: 2,40 m (without turret) 

Weight: 25 t (platform) 

Max. total weight: 40 t 

Climbing capability: 60 % 

Cross slope: 30 % 

Nominal drive power: 1.368 kW 

Max. torque: 15.622 Nm/Rad 

Range: 50 – 150 km at 40 km/h (elektrisch) 

Cruise range: 600 km at 60 km/h (diesel-electric)


The version that is presented on the prototype is a IFV version with a 30mm gun mounted in a Kongsberg turret. It can carry 10 infantry with the driver, commander and driver.  46526DA1-D7EE-412B-8FD8-29BE66E353A4.jpg

The inside of the IFV module.


The remote  Protector MCD 30 by K ongsberg is mounted on the vehicle. It offers a laser rangefinder and generation 2 thermals. The gun is the bushmaster 30mm supplied link less with ammunition. The turret has also additional panels to look more integrated with the vehicle. 


The vehicle has at its rear eight smoke launchers four on each side. There isn’t much known about the armor that the vehicle has only that it’s similar to the Boxer. The driver is protected by bullets proof glass but some sources say that they can deploy armor in front of the Glas for additional protection and the driver can use the camera in the middle of the vehicle. 
The smoke launchers.


The camera in the middle.


08A9A190-7A54-407D-B1E4-49E0F043B8BD.jpg 500393F2-B4F0-4CD8-BD1F-894B2AA5E927.jpg E061F479-D664-496B-BD2C-D475EA5AAFA6.jpg A988E9B0-F4B5-47C6-97C4-120C18D4ECD2.jpg


very fast and has good acceleration

good gun 

stealthy driving

can drive with destroyed engine 

has thermals


not much armor 

no atgm

has no real camouflage because it’s blue 


Thanks for reading!! If there is more information about the vehicle I will update the suggestion.






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+1.Gaijin please include the blue camo with it.

On 08/10/2022 at 15:58, Woolfi23456789@psn said:


The inside of the IFV module

It looks like a sci-fi space ship 

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