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Jet blast deflector / Flight deck crew for modern aircraft carrier


Jet blast deflector / Flight deck crew for modern aircraft carrier  

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  1. 1. Does modern aircraft carriers need a functional jet blast deflector?

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    • No
  2. 2. Does modern aircraft carriers need a flight deck crews?

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Currently in game, WW2 aircraft carriers have crews on flight deck.





But flight deck of modern aircraft carriers are just empty.




Plus, the jet blast deflectors were clearly existed in the devblog, but they have not worked in game for two years.


I therefore propose the addition of jet blast deflectors and flight deck crew for modern aircraft carriers.


Jet Blast Deflector



The jet blast deflector(JBD) is safety device on aircraft carrier, which redirects high energy exhaust from jet engine to prevent damage and injury. JBDs are typically placed right behind of catapult, and could be raised and lowered by actuators.




In-game USS Forrestal has three JBDs for catapult 1~3.




HMS Ark Royal has two JBDs, one for each catapult.


It would be better to have JBD raising animation right after spawn on carrier, for better visuals.


Flight Deck Crew




On an aircraft carrier flight deck, there are specialized crew for managing air operations. The role of crews could be distinguished by their jersey colors: yellow, green, red, purple, blue, brown, white.


However in game, most crews have nothing to do but standing around aircrafts―because there is no complicated launch preparations in this game. This may be not so different from WW2 flight deck crew.




But catapult officer or "Shooter" definitely have a important role, gives launch signal with iconic pose. If we actually get flight deck crew for modern carriers, then there must be a shooter. We can also see them in the Update "Danger Zone" Trailers too.



Adding JBD and flight deck crews will not directly affect gameplay, but I believe it will contribute to enhancing the quality of game in the visual domain.

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While it is visually interesting, I don't think it makes much sense in the game since we don't have to roll onto the catapult/launch position but instead just have everyone launch en masse into the sky (or into the conning tower). Maybe something for test flight maps (like how there used to be a guy to wave a flag at you on carriers after the flight crew cleared your plane for take off, sadly he's gone in the latest aircraft carrier model update; at least for Japan)

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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