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Nose Wheel Steering  

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Hello, i'm Mahett, and i want to suggest a mechanic that I have wanted to see implemented in the game for years.


The mechanic in question is the Nose Wheel Steering (NWS), on aircraft with tricycle configuration landing gear, the nose wheel is either free castoring or, by some mechanism, steerable to facilitate directional control during takeoff and landing and to allow the aircraft to manoeuvre whilst on the ground, this mechanic is mostly seen on jets and works like this:

While on the ground, the aircraft, via a switch or button, exchanges rudder steer for nose wheel steering, with wheel steer angle control being achieved by the rudder pedals.
In the game it would work the same way, on land, by means of a keyboard shortcut, you could change between rudder steer and nose wheel steering, the keys to steer would be the same as the rudder (Q and E by default).
This mechanic would be particularly useful in custom battles, in which many players tend to spend time, parking at airfields and doing mini air shows with each other, also opens the door to new game modes that can be implemented in the future and adds realism to the game.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my suggestion, any useful information that can help make this mechanic a reality is welcome.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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