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What's going on with missiles?

So I know for sure when I send a missile and they see me send it they get a ~~~~magical~~~~ Red Dimond to help them avoid it just like the ~~~~magical~~~~ red outlines around the map to help us find each other.


So why is there no consistency to the ~~~~magical~~~~ red Dimond, I can be looking backwards at a mirage and nothing is there, but I hear it coming, Still blind to where it is so I can try to flare and Pull but its very random if that pull was the correct one. Why can't we just consistently have the same ~~~~magical~~~~ fairness? Its not a feature of the plane its a game mechanic. Nothing makes me want to turn this off for they day more than taking off getting into position to die to something I had no chance to play against?


You want to change the game completely and make it a missile game at least make it somewhat enjoyable and fair to play. I would rather learn and have a chance to dodge a really hard missile rather than just here a loud woosh and I'm out of the game. I know I could get better at the game too but that really seems to be a non player flaw. 



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