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Since Po-2 is also available in-game, why not come out with a low-rank weak gold helicopter?



Bell 47 light helicopter. A weapon that appears to be a guided missile is mounted on the right side.

In January 1955, the Navy dispatched a helicopter operation unit called HUP-2 to the site, and the Air Force established 57 EH (L) as BELL 47G on April 1.

The S-55 helicopters were delivered in August, creating the Air Force's EH(M) Squadron, and the French Army's aviation organization, ALAT (meaning Light Aircraft Operations Unit), took over the H-21C and H-34 helicopters.








H-21 Shawnee of the French Naval Convoy. Known by the nickname "Flying Banana". MARINE means navy in French.

The Algerian War was the first helicopter war in which helicopters were used as the main weapon of war before the outbreak of the Vietnam War in the United States, which was marked as a helicopter war.

The French colonial authorities were having difficulties in maneuvering against the guerrillas in the battle in Algeria, which was developing in the form of guerrilla warfare.

It is not without mechanized equipment such as various vehicles, but Algeria is large and lacks the troops that can be deployed. At first, 25,000 people were dispatched to the site, but eventually the situation deteriorated to the point that 80,000 people had to be dispatched.

The French army lacked the means to monitor the vast Algeria, and it was even more difficult to deploy the scarce troops in time.

France, which had experienced this problem in the previous Indochina War, increased the utilization of the airborne units of the mobile light infantry system and provided them with a new means of transportation called the helicopter.

The helicopters of the French army first dispatched to Algeria were operated by GH2 (2nd Helicopter Group). What started as a few platoons operating helicopters at the base of "Setif" grew to two squadrons in mid-June 1955. Equipment operated BELL 47G, S-55 (H-19) helicopters.










M151 autocannon. It is 20mm class.

GHAN's commander, Colonel 'Barbot', began working on integrating weapons such as machine guns (M151) into unit helicopters, starting with his helicopter. He tried to evolve into a bomber that could drop bombs rather than just a machine gun. An attempt to operate a 250-pound cluster bomb from a helicopter.






The French-Algerian War, which started around 1955 and ended in 1962, was an early event in the history of helicopters that showed the potential of helicopter weapons.

From the point of view of the operation of aircraft, independent of political decisions (as the United States may have prepared), helicopters have proven useful to many countries.

At first, it started with the evacuation of wounded soldiers as during the Korean War, but it soon evolved into the use of transporting materials and deploying troops, which means that the country or military that used it properly saw its potential.

Now, no one denies the usefulness or existence of helicopters. However, the improvement direction of the supplementary points is divided into several directions, and the most noteworthy is the ongoing project for the complete replacement of helicopters operated by the US military.

In the past, helicopters were seen as imaginary aircraft, but in terms of the current concept of helicopters, the prototypes being tested are also quite unique in shape.






Thank you for watching  ;)

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1 missle with ok range on low br is just more toxic gameplay for the receiving end

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