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Introducing the weapons, vehicle, and technologies from the former Soviet Union that South Korea brought in during the Brown Bear Project. :)


The Brown Gom project refers to a military cooperation project between Korea and Russia from 1995 to the present, or arms redemption between Russia and the Republic of Korea from 1995 to 2007. The "Agreement on Defense Industry and Logistics Cooperation in the Field of Military Technology between Korea and Russia" concluded in 1997 is the legal basis, and it was conducted twice in total.

In 1990, when the Russian government failed to pay back money lent to the Soviet Union by the Republic of Korea, the Russian government proposed to repay part of the debt with goods such as Russian-made weapons. In 1992, during the visit of the Russian Defense Minister, the <1993-1994 Memorandum of Understanding on Military Exchanges between Korea and Russia> was signed, and four times of Memorandum of Understanding were signed until May 1995, before the Bulgom project began[1], which contributed to the development of military cooperation between Korea and Russia. The foundation has been laid. On November 20, 1997, as the Republic of Korea and Russia adopted an agreement on defense industry and logistics cooperation in the field of military technology between Korea and Russia, specific guidelines were prepared for the Brown Bear project.

From 1995 to 1998, Russia exported four items, including T-80U and BMP-3, to Korea through the 1st Brown Bear Project, and from 2002 to 2006, Russia exported 4 items to Korea through the 2nd Brown Bear Project. , Ilyushin Il-103, and Kamov Ka-32A. There have been discussions on the 3rd Brown Bear project since 2008, but negotiations with Russia have been sluggish. Due to Russia's annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022, and Russia's listing of South Korea as unfriendly countries, the current Brown Bear project Discussions with Russia on the issue have virtually ceased.

In the case of the Republic of Korea, the Bulgom Project enabled the production of guided missile weapons such as the Cheongung missile and the modernization of armored vehicles. In addition, Orion Choco Pie and Paldo's lunch box ramen, which entered Russia during the first brown bear business, have become Russian national snacks and are gaining great popularity in Russia in the 2020s.[2] On the contrary, in the case of Russia, it is evaluated that it provided an opportunity to pursue a new strategy by securing a voice in the six-party talks and furthermore, by making Korea a ally in East Asia. However, it has been raised as a problem that Russia did not fully repay the debt and provided part of the debt in kind, and that Russia is still negotiating with Korea about the debt it later borrowed.

Reform, opening and collapse of the Soviet Union
Since Gorbachev took office as General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party in 1985, the Soviet Union has pursued a reform policy called perestroika and diversified foreign policy, such as establishing diplomatic ties with Western countries. With this trend of the times, the Soviet Union participated in the '88 Seoul Olympics in 1988, and as Korea and the Soviet Union progressed to a more developed relationship based on northern diplomacy during the 6th Republic, Korea and the Soviet Union held a first-of-its-kind ・A small summit was held and diplomatic ties were established between the two countries. At the time, the Soviet Union, suffering from a chronic shortage of foreign currency, requested an economic cooperation loan from the Korean government, and during the Roh Tae-woo administration, the Republic of Korea lent the Soviet Union $1.47 billion as an economic cooperation loan for three years from 1991.

Korea-Russia Preliminary Negotiations
Leading role in pre-negotiations for the Brown Bear Project

Boris Yeltsin, President of Russia from 1991 to 1998

Kim Young-sam, President of the Republic of Korea from 1993 to 1998
The Republic of Korea and Russia have promoted bilateral military cooperation through negotiations since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Republic of Korea and Russia, in a statement on December 20, 1992, committed to regular visits by Ministry of Defense officials and naval vessels from both the Republic of Korea and Russia.

Domestic situation in Korea and Russia
treaty content
The Korea-Russia Agreement on Defense Industry and Logistics Cooperation in the Field of Military Technology consists of a total of 12 articles and was signed in Moscow on November 20, 1997.

In particular, in the case of Article 8 of the Treaty, "Either party may not re-export supplied arms and military equipment to a third country without the written consent of the other party" as "obligation in case of re-export" and each party in the field of arms and military equipment The results of requested and jointly conducted research and development cannot be provided to a third country without the written consent of the other country." At the time of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Ukraine requested support for Shingoong and Chungoong missiles, but the reason the Korean government refused to do so is that Singoong and Chungoong each have 9K38 Igla technology and Almaz-Antey The violation of Article 8 of the above agreement also had an effect because the technology of



Article 8: Obligations in case of re-export
1. Each Party may not re-export the supplied arms and military equipment to a third country without the written consent of the other Party.
2. Each Party may not provide to a third country the results of requested and jointly conducted research and development in the field of arms and military equipment without the written consent of the other Party.






70년대 한국이 러시아 전차를 공짜로 가져온 이유


NATO codename: AT-7 Saxhorn




 Il-103 trainers : 23



포토] 인천상륙작전, 무레나급 공기부양정 | Save Internet 뉴데일리



Десантные катера на воздушной подушке проекта 12061

Мурена(Murena) : 3

The Republic of Korea Navy acquired a total of three ships from Russia through the Brown Gom project, starting with Kite 621 in December 2005 and ending with Kite 623 in January 2007.







 Ka-32A 27



본문 이미지 거래가 러시아랑 한국합니다 - 불곰사업
우크라 사태] “러시아산 산불 헬기 유지·보수 어쩌나”... 산림청 초비상 - 조선비즈


Ka-32A of the ROK Forest Service : 60




South Korea's Forest Service even received certification for the Ka-32 Maintenance Technical Support Center, which was certified by Kamov for the first time among national institutions.





GRAU code name 9К38 (9K38)
NATO code name SA-18 Grouse





bmp-3 보병전투차.


김대영의 무기 인사이드] 러시아에서 온 특이한 육군의 보병전투장갑차 'BMP-3'


BMP-3 : 33



Republic of Korea Military 2006 Government Audit Reference Book.pdf

Republic of Korea Military 2006 Government Audit Reference Book



Republic of Korea Army T-80U (old color)


new color


T-80U tanks 33




Kazan Ansat : 6 helicopters






extra story

김병장네 실시간 이슈 :: 대한민국 첫 항공모함이 중국에 팔려간 이유
출처: 한국일보
출처: 주간조선
김영삼 항모 - 유용원의 군사세계
김영삼 항모 - 유용원의 군사세계
김영삼 항모 - 유용원의 군사세계
부산에 들어온 '소항모' 마킨 아일랜드함 | 연합뉴스
Kim Young-sam administration's Korean aircraft carrier KCVX project

In November 1994, the former Soviet aircraft carrier Minsk was sold to China after being dismantled after being purchased as scrap metal by Yeongyutong.
Dismantlement of the Minsk became difficult due to opposition

Territorial distribution is renegotiated with Russia
In 1996, permission for change of use was obtained.
I am looking to use it as a floating hotel, but
During the Asian financial crisis in 1997,
Investors were not found, and the Minsk
In 1998, a third country sale is promoted.



(There are also rumors that originally they tried to smuggle in various high-tech equipment, such as missiles.)




Here, it was canceled due to the report of NHK, a Japanese media company, and opposition from environmental groups in Korea.
In addition, Korea purchased a Kyiv-class aircraft carrier and tried to develop it as a Kim Young-sam-class aircraft carrier, but due to opposition from the Japanese government and Japan's sabotage, Korea bought it and sold it to China,





becoming a Chinese aircraft carrier. 






Chinese Liaoning-class aircraft carrier






이스칸데르의 해외파생형 - 유용원의군사세계 - 전문가광장 > 무기백과

BEMIL 사진 자료실 - 유용원의 군사세계


http://thumbnail.egloos.net/600x0/http://pds18.egloos.com/pds/202007/30/60/f0205060_5f2226575605d.jpg f0205060_5f2226575605d.jpg.e6e6516514e27
It is very similar to the Hyunmoo-2 missile (Iskander M), which received technical support from Russia. However, the details are slightly different.

Hyunmoo 2 is slightly stronger in size and destructive power of missiles



천궁, UAE에 4조원어치 판다…최대 실적에도 정부 곤혹 왜 | 중앙일보


And Korea secured cold launch surface-to-air missile and radar technology with the help of Russia's technology.

(천궁)天弓 | KM-SAM (cheongung)


Referring to the technology of Russia's S-300, Korea's Defense Science Research Institute (ADD) improved its performance and was exported to a third country.





Russian S-350 Vityaz anti-aircraft missile developed at the same time as Chun-gung







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