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Buy cheap premium vehicles?


Hello everyone, I am considering buying a premium vehicle pack (F-5C) and its price in euros is €59.99, the pack includes

F-5C, 15 days of premium account and 2000 golden eagles, from what I come to talking today is that I perfectly remember a hidden section in the store where you could buy vehicles without a premium account and without golden eagles in the pack, obviously much cheaper because you only bought the vehicle without additional things, like €20 less

(€39.99 instead €59.99)

back in the day when I saw I thought: the gaijin guys are smart trying to sneak in additional things to make it more expensive, so that people who don't know this "trick" pay more money unnecessarily, the problem is that I don't remember how to access that "hidden area" from the store where you had the option to buy only the vehicles, does anyone know how? before someone tells me that I'm crazy or that it's my imagination I SWEAR ON MY LIFE that it's real, I've spent 2 days trying to get to that payment screen but I can't find it

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