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Feedback thread on Dev Team response article



Low-calibre HEAT rework? : "some changes to make damage more consistent"
Light-vehicle overpen? : "will take some time... solution if we can"
3d decorations detach when hit?: "great idea. Will look into it and decoration destructibility if possible"
Loader knockout restarts reload?: "solution in mind... save the reload progress [or] two-part ammo"

Increased RB mobility for heavies?: no

Free-backups for high-tier premiums?: like the idea, "will consider"
Turret desync bugs?: "complicated... working on a fix"
Server-client desyncs?: "inevitable" in a game like this
Invisible vehicles?: "impossible to... perfect"

Better overpressure/HE mechanics?: please give specific examples

Upsidedown vehicles can't be turned back over? : "we'll look into a fix"

More tutorials for advanced mechanics?: "we're planning" this
Ground BR 7-8 sucks: "we'll pay special attention"
Killer-Hunter feature?: "we'll consider" a delay (NOTE: I have no idea what this was meant to be translated as)
Less shadows and concealment in ground?: "need to look at specific elements"

Helicopter grind?: "trying to figure" it out, announcement will be later
Volumetric armor sux?: "will improve" specifics, but no

Reduce convoy AAA in EC: "fixed in production"
Let floatplanes spawn at ships or airfields: "we'll think about" it
Make naval AB more arcadey?; "we agree", will start with rangefinding

Remove attack drones?: will be moved to a higher BR
Stop kills by aircraft after death?: no
Phasing through on spawn in ground RB?: no
Better reporting on racism and homophobia in chat: "we will add"
More maps to top tier Air RB: "we'll aim to"


Limit large maps for mid-to low tier Air: "agreed, will adjust"
Top-tier me more?: No
More map bans?: No

Vote for maps?: "will think about it"
Show BR limitations for each map?: "good idea... we'll try"

No small maps at top tier ground: "will show BR limitations" to help with like/dislike
No two-cap in Ground RB: "will reduce chance to appear"
Modern vehicles on WW2 maps: no, but will try to make maps "more universal"
Disable night missions: night battles will become optional, more later

Fix collisions with stuff: need examples

Bigger games even if longer queues?: "we'll think about" it

Reward top 5 players on both sides?: "plans along those lines", but...
European Province spawn to spawn?: will fix
Surroundings of Volo too big?: have already changed to 9.7 and up only
Remove Red Desert?: no, it's popular


El Alamein cliff tops: "we'll fix"
Hurtgen Forest cap points: "we'll redo"

Remove Mozdok two-cap: "yes"
Fields of Poland is bad: perhaps remove forests around edge and replace with fields?

Port Novo 3-cap is bad: no, use more smoke people

Sinai rock camping: will look into it

Ardennes too empty: no
Another map like Poland/Abandoned Factory/Eastern Europe: working on it

Vietnam drain swamp on the A cap?: good point


Changes where they were very positive about the idea are bolded. So, to summarize even further, they committed reasonably firmly here to:

1) Damageable decorations coming
2) More advanced tutorials
3) "More arcade-y" Naval AB

4) Attack drones going up in BR
5) Better reporting on toxic chat

6) Fewer big maps for low-to mid tier air RB

7) A new feature to show the BR bracket for maps on the map picker

8] Less two-cap ground maps

9) Making night battles optional
10) Some ground map changes

medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal

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