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Douglas B-26C-50-DT Invader


Douglas B-26C-50-DT Invader  

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R0i8pgH.jpg B-26C-50-DT QNCaWUf.jpg






  • In 1954 the first 10 B-26C invader arrived in Chile, that is, those with a transparent nose that allowed the installation of the NORDEN sight for bombing, it should be noted that originally these planes were of the A-26C-50-DT model but before After being delivered to Chile, they were called B-26C invader by the United States, which is why Chile kept that name, so they should not be confused with the B-26 Marauder of World War II. Later, in the years 1957, 1958 and 1960, more of these aircraft were received in different models, completing a total of 38 units. In 1964, Chilean planes were sent to Panama to reinforce their wings through the "Wing Spar" program, returning to the country in 1965. Later, in 1966, the "Gun Nose" project began, which consisted of installing a solid nose instead of the transparent one and installing 6 .50 machine guns in the nose but eliminating the ventral and dorsal turrets, although the United States only supplied 8 kits for this modification and at that time Chile operated only 17 of these planes, so the rest kept their transparent nose and their defensive machine guns, It is important to mention that those planes that underwent this modification were called B-26D and were used as attack planes, there are also quite interesting photos that show some B-26C planes used for bombing that maintained their transparent nose, machine guns were installed under their wings, four .50 machine guns on each wing leaving the not inconsiderable sum of eight .50 machine guns capable of firing forwards plus the ventral and dorsal defensive machine guns. finally in 1973 the last 5 Chilean invaders were discharged. Fortunately, one of the B-26Ds that were modified in the nose is still preserved in the National Aeronautical and Space Museum of Chile.


Chilean B-26C-50-DT with Machine Gun Pods on its wings







  • Crew:
    • 3
  • Armament:
    • Primary: 8 underwing .50 machine guns (4 in each wing), 2 .50 machine guns in upper turret, 2 .50 machine guns in rear aircraft turret.
    • Secondary: 6,000 lbs. of bomb carried internally
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 15.6 m
    • Wingspan: 21.3 m
    • Height: 5.5 m
    • Weight: 15875 kg loaded
  • Performance:
    • Powerplant: Two Pratt & Whitney R-2800s of 2,000 hp each
    • Maximum speed: 600 km/h
    • Service ceiling: 6827 m








e7w5wAL.jpg 00H2WQI.png oYK3gxs.jpg C6RpYOR.jpg m6t88Ol.jpg 4YVbJNn.jpg





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