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HEAD Tracking Problem TOBII 5


Hello guys its me again^^,



I have some issues with my headtrack configurations.


My problem is that when i move my head to the left or right maximum angle (like the settings are, not IRL) the camera switches instand to the opposite side. Means, for example i look over my right shoulder as far as possible so that i can check my six and at a certain point/angle the camera jumps  overto  my left shoulder maximum angle. Its pretty anoying in a dogfight cause i often loose my target.

MY question was if it is possible to set a max. angle point or something like that so that the camera dont go over a certain point and start on the other side....dont know if this is right explained^^


I use TOBII Eyetracker 5, until its not directly supported bei WT i have to use FACETRACK NOIR with the TOBII Plugin. Iis work pretty well for some searching to get Tobii 5 get worked with WT.

It works very good and there are no other issues. I use the headtracking, not the eyetracking of the sensor.


Hope some have a solution for it, cause he had the same problem in the past.



have nice day :)



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Jonas | ehrw 17.05.2023 16:59

Hey @everyone We're about to start a closed alpha test with War Thunder. It's one of our most requested games and we're really excited to get some initial feedback. This test has three requirements
  • You need to own a Tobii Eye Tracker 5 ?
  • You need to be a War Thunder PC player ?️
  • You need to be willing to sign a NDA ?
Apply for this closed alpha here: https://tobii.typeform.com/to/ikKEyIwY Hope you're as excited as we are for this test. There's a limited amount of testers so don't wait to apply!


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