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Aircraft cockpit


They will probably never finish the bomber cockpits and there's a good reason for this. Bombers cockpits are way too hard and complex and expensive. modeling all the bomber cockpits equivalent to a whole full  new  aviation tree., as well as it's huge waste of time and money to gaijin. 

as for helicopters no idea. 

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^ Something like that


B-17s for example, have what ? 10+ compartments and Turrets... and all of those would have to have high detailed 3D Compartments


  1. Navigator/bombardier station
  2. 2-4 nose turret stations
  3. Cockpit
  4. Dorsal Turret
  5. Bomb-bay
  6. Radio Operator Station
  7. Radio Operator Turret
  8. Ball Gunner
  9. Waist Gunners and walkway
  10. Tail Gunner

Pretty much the entire inside of the B-17 would need corresponding 3D models


So, for one B-17 cockpit, that is already well over a years worth of man hours that could be used for more important projects, and considering how much time a average player plays a B-17, it really is not worth all that time for Development


Same goes for many of the larger bombers.... The Devs may make detailed cockpits for some of the medium bombers, that being said, some will just be as complex as a B-17 such as the B-25


Devs will have have worked on Light bomber detailed cockpits, and are more likely to continue adding more over time, since they will not be as complex to work on 








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