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The state of the game


Everyone is going crazy about the current economy and things related to it, but nobody seems to care at all about the state of the game and the countless bugs, especially the ones that significantly impact the playability of the game, being absolutely ignored on the bug report page, and players have been stockholm syndorme'd into believing that game-breaking bugs are perfectly fine and just a part of the game, and if you complain about them you're just being annoying, "just deal with it". Every single recent major update brings with it a number of bugs that aren't fixed until weeks after the update comes out, making the game extremely frustrating in the meantime.

And minor bugs that don't affect the game that much are COMPLETELY IGNORED by both gaijin and the playerbase because of the "if it doesn't completely break the game, why should we even care?" mentality that gaijin has. And the players just say "why would you care about that when there are bigger bugs that need to be fixed first"
The bug report page is just flooded with unresolved reports, and the ones that are closed are simply labeled as "duplicates" or "not a bug". I myself have reported the same bug 2 times and both times it was simply ignored like 90% of the other bug reports, and I just hate the fact that you literally cannot do anything to fix a bug, even when you make bug reports or complain somewhere else it just gets completely ignored and everyone is absolutely fine with the fact that the game is full of minor bugs that are never going to be resolved.

I am really tired of coming across the same bug over and over and over again for months and I am tired of both gaijin's and the players' lack of care about it.

also sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I don't really have a lot of experience with forums

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