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F-4 drop tank......

Thanks for adding the Phantom drop tank. However, when I was shooting the replay, I noticed that the drop tank felt strange. The photo is an enlarged drop tank, but it looks like the drop tank is stuck in the rail. And after all, Japanese phantoms feel very uncomfortable with drop tanks.

Also, the color of the drop tank does not match the color of the aircraft, so it is very uncomfortable when making videos in this game. Also, unlike the Phantom that appeared in the earliest period, Japan's EJ Kai is an aircraft that has been used until recent years with repeated modifications, and I feel a sense of incongruity in the placement of the drop tank. *This can be understood by looking at the site and photos of the Air Self-Defense Force, so I will paste the image quotes and links. This game is a battle game, but I think there are many users like us who take replays and create videos from them. I think it's almost impossible to make everything perfect, but I would really like to see the color and placement of the drop tanks corrected.


I hope this game lasts forever.


And I hope this opinion gets through to the developers.


Hope it gets fixed someday.


Two of the photos I sent are replays, and the other two are quoted from the Air Self-Defense Force website.



Air Self-Defense Force website







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