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Beam Rider missiles are controlled from the Optics system not the metal tube that physically holds the missile. Stop locking the optics to the movement limits of the Launcher.

This issue is a massive handicap for a lot of vehicles that use beam riding missiles. The Launcher only needs to point in the general direction of the target to fire the missile without obstruction, they therefore were not designed with a massive range of movement as the guidance system would take over and redirect the missiles. 


This issue is a massive problem for the Swedish AA's the Lvrbv 701 and ADRAD-R, Since the metal launch tubes only elevate to 35 degree's you cant move the optics beyond that limit so its impossible to aim or shoot at enemy planes/helicopters flying high above the battlefield. 


ADATS has similar problem, Optics are locked to the movement range of the 25mm gun self defence gun so even though the optics and missiles should be able to move well beyond this limit its locked to the 60 degree max elevation so cant aim at planes flying above the battlefield. 


ZR3A2 also suffers greatly from this, its a big wheeled truck so has an awkward time dealing with the terrain to begin with, combine it with the -5 gun depression on the launcher its exceptionally difficult to aim low enough to hit targets on a lot of maps. But again the optics shouldn't be locked to launcher limits, you should be able to fire the missile high and redirect it downwards to target using optics

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