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10.0 to 11.7 balance problems and vehicle problems presentation open to your opinion on the team


I've been playing War Thunder actively since 2014 and I would say that I'm a good player and have a lot of experience in War Thunder. The point for me is that I think that all BR strains in War Thunder up to 10.7 are actually very well playable and I also think that no nation is actually overperformed, so my impression is that I've played all nations in War Thunder, that's why my impression So from 11.0 and 11.3 and 11.7 I've had the feeling for years that something is wrong up there and doesn't fit. and yes I know that there are also smaller problems with 6.7 WW2 tanks and 7.7 tanks are also a problem. but that's not the point at all.

What strikes me very strongly, especially in the upper BR from 11.3, is how it seems to me that the Soviet and Russian tanks are massively overperforming, I know now people will come back and say it's not like that. Yes, I know that the tanks have construction-related disadvantages with their alignment angles and some cannot drive backwards faster than 4km/h but T80 BVM T80 and his brothers can also drive faster 11 km/h is slower than most western tanks and also than the Chinessen ZTZ99A WZ but that's just how it is shown correctly.
But now comes what I mean the russian tanks are much too heavily armored actually all from 11.3 the best example is the T80 BVM which is a modernized T80B with a better gas turbine and additional armor packages in the form of relict armor on the front and with the additional module on the sides so many don't know that gaijin cheats on these tanks because if you look at the composite armor module in the hull he has the composite armor from the T80U and not from the B and the russians didn't change that during the overhaul but gaijin already. The tank has far too much armor on the turret and on the hull front because don't get me wrong but not even the strongest ammunition in the game the DM 53 from L55 gets through an upgraded T80B but with the T80U it's much easier that can't be. And yes i know how to aim and how to destroy the tanks in the game just in case someone has to make stupid comments again have 6000 hours of play in the game just for info. Relic protects very well against APDFS believe 250mm side and front on the front. Challenger 2 TES everyone knows its thick side plates alone under the reactive armor the plate is 110mm thick composite armor what I found Dorchester armor so the same as what is inside the tower and protects against APDFS general against KE can not be at all. Or the turret Des Challenger 2 is a joke about the time annoyed to death the gun mantlet can't stand anything with every hit the cannon is broken and half the turret crew is dead that's just **** open driving isn't possible because the tank is full of ammunition and with every hit in the wall the tank boom just as an example. Or the Merkava MK4 I was so looking forward to the tank and did you know what the tank is **** the tank is not a big moving spot anymore. the whole bottom of the turret is open to any KE ammunition in the BR itself a DM 23 from an L44 comes through the whole hull has no protection against arrows a hit from a Russian 125 mm cannon in the engine and you are dead. This tank is known as the safest tank in the world for the crew and is pure Wegspot logic. While the Russians are tanks from the 80 propaganda machines in the game, it can't be no matter which western tanks in War Thunder have no hull protection, none other than STRV 122. And my problem is just always the same, especially on maps where you have western tanks cannot stand in hull down positions one is easy fodder for the russian propaganda boxes. because erlich, everyone has to agree with me, especially in open combat without cover, you only have disadvantages against the Russians because no western tank has any protection, the Russians just **** on you and crash you often enough, or that the Russian tank players just like Depen drive around and don't watch out for anything because they don't have op armor anyway and you with your western drekcschussl have to watch out for every piece of ****, otherwise it makes boom. and that's exactly how the russian tanks are hull down op the towers at the front are almost impossible to pennable. or that with the Russians when you drive against them there are always KH50s in the air or Su25s and bombs the whole team away Russians have the best anti-aircraft systems, the best planes, the best tanks that just perform far too well. this has nothing to do with balance this is **** russian propaganda in the game with the modern weapons which are actually not that modern at all and i know the background of these tanks and also what they are built for and these tanks are no better than the west 

I don't care that the Russians are badmouthed or annoyed to death, but don't get me wrong, the best guns in the western world like a RH 120 L55 can't destroy a vehicle from Soviet times, and yes, they're all Soviet, all t72s, all t90s yes actually a t72 is or also t80 and you think with na L55 you are shooting with blank cartridges on such a russian box that is just ****. And no, it doesn't have to be that you can crash all the Russians just like that, but at least that's why in the game anyway a lot at very close range is that you can crash a Russian tank with modern western guns at close range without having to be scared of them coming doesn't go through or does no damage or the carousel doesn't detonate on hit or the front fuel tank stops the KE grenade or the driver like me always doesn't have to be his. And I like playing the Chinese, for example. ZTZ 99A is one of my favorite tanks, but when I compare this tank to an old T80B with additional armor, the ZTZ 99A is a joke, although it should be better than a T80 BVM in almost every respect, but your wayspots are bigger the hull is only stiffened at the ZTZ and the whole loading machine flies up in the air with the russians, that doesn't always happen with the russians having to keep firing until it explodes happens to me quite often, especially with the T80BVM or you bounce off its driving hatch even though you hit it exactly and louder **** like that or the gun is right on it and isn’t broken under the relict plates on the side swallow the whole KE grenade I'm screwed by this Russian **** in the game. And no, the Russians are not that extremely strong in all BRs, actually in no other BR than 11.3 and 11.7, I really like playing the T62 and they are not that strong and they also fill up realistically if you look at the backgrounds of the Soviets have built tanks like actually in all BR with the Russians except at the top. And I think I've done a lot with soyet tank building and the way the russian T80 and T72 perform they are unrelitic without any joke. I don't expect the game to be ultra realistic, nor do I want it at all, but the vehicles give you the feeling that they are as authentic as possible. and I think that everyone wants it that way, even if they like playing the Russians in the game.

What I still want to say at the end is because of real I just want the vehicles to correspond as well as possible to their real models, nothing else exactly like many in the game and you have to live with construction-related disadvantages. It's not in the game anyway that Russian tanks have a worse visor or worse stability or worse balsiktik computer isn't all that in the game anyway and doesn't have to be but it doesn't have to be that actually worse tanks are all better western counterparts because that doesn't make any sense at all and certainly not if you consider the soyet military doctrine these tanks can't be better than a leo 2 or challanger 2 or any other and if you don't believe me deal with the topic yourself

And please let me know what you think about it, I would be really interested in how you feel about the whole game

and if you also think that it doesn't fit like I do, share it and let's see that things change


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