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3 minutes ago, Solarmod said:

The fact that 3/4 of them are event vehicles is kinda depressing ngl.



But it's not like they were famous german vehicles /s

"Hopefully" they did not gave us the worst variant (yes, there is 1 worse variant than the 234/2 : the 234/3)


234/1 : the 20 mm will be a beast at its BRI, like with Pz.II. The slightly greater BR shouldn't affect it much

234/2 : long 50 mm with decent velocity and penetration but requiring to be extremely precise

234/3 : meh, the short 75 mm of early germans tanks is something I'm happy it is now behind me. Worst variant but it was easy to obtain so..."thank you Gaijin" I guess ?...

234/4 : glorious long 75 mm at BR 3.0 way too OP

medal medal

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As the SdKfz 234/1 has been implemented with Space thunder,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions.:salute:

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