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RUAG Leopard 2A4 Upgrade (Swiss technology)



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9 hours ago, mc205v said:

Being a prototype perhaps they had the intention (for some unknown reason) to install machine guns of different calibers from the standard, they will have changed their mind later. As for the "name", Gaijin on the "Leopard 2 family" page also calls it RUAG Leopard 2 Upgrade.


I get that they might've had the intention to mount a different machine gun with it being a prototype and all that, but im saying there is not a single firearm in existance that could've been used for that, and developing a new gun with no ammunition supplies anywhere for an upgrade package seems rather stupid to me.

Regarding the name on the wiki, it appears that Gaijin did name it that roughly half a year before this suggestion was made, so fair enough

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