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War Thunder "Sky Guardians" - Changelog


Hello war thunder developers.
I want to say first of all thank you very much for the effort and investment you are making for us.
You definitely make extraordinary efforts in that you really think of the best interests of your players first.
In addition, you develop the game continuously, which gives the player a sense of purpose for stickers or vehicles and the like.
I really want to start with some things that I think need improvement in the game.
Improved graphics. This means..
Improvement in anti-aircraft fire, i.e. I think the anti-aircraft fire should be more real if black explosions in the sky and not just lines of fire.
And the anti-aircraft fire will shake the plane as soon as the missile (artillery) explodes near the plane, so the action will also cause difficulty in aiming the bombs in the micro of a dive bomb.
Another thing that needs improvement is this..
The smoke of battle. The smoke of the battle in the game, especially in air battles, looks very weak and sometimes there is no smoke at all, and in my opinion it detracts from the authenticity of the battle, so in my opinion it is more important that the battlefield, especially towards the end of the battle, is filled with smoke that could be caused by a plane crash or the destruction of vehicles on the ground or even from a destroyed factory that I think a factory should expel smoke If it was destroyed.. and the more smoke will also mark the actions of the battle.
Another thing that needs improvement is this..
cockpit. The cockpit in the game looks very nice and sophisticated in both modern and old planes, but there is one thing missing that I think is critical. There is a lack of hatches in the cockpit, which means that as soon as the plane is hit in reality, the cockpit window shatters, but in the game the window will remain intact, and in my opinion, improving the marking of the hits in the cockpit could definitely add a lot to the experience.
Another thing that I think needs improvement is...
The graphics of the buildings in the air battles. That is, in the tank battles, the buildings look very good, but in the air battles, the buildings on the ground look low quality and sometimes even without shadow.
Another thing that I think will add to the experience is this…
the destruction of the buildings. That is, in the case of a bomb hitting a building on the ground, the building will remain completely intact and in my opinion, as soon as the buildings are seen damaged and with smoke, the battle will have much more meaning and it is understood that this correction refers to air battles because in tank battles the buildings are destroyed.
Another thing related to graphics is…
The burning of the plane. In the last update, you improved the quality of the plane in the event of a fire, in my opinion it is certainly impressive, but there is one fault, the black color on the damaged plane seems too exaggerated, that is, the plane is completely black, and in my opinion, this is a bit out of line with reality, and I think that it is true that there should be a black spot, but the spot Need to integrate more with the fuselage.
Ok so that's all my suggestions about the graphics and now I'll give my feedback about the audio of the game.
So first of all I want to say thank you very much again for your crazy efforts that you do for us.
So the fix I think of first and foremost is…
the cries The alarms in wars usually sound many times, so I will detail, first I think that every time you leave a battle in the Union in the air battles, but also in the battle gate, an alarm should be heard that goes up from the base, and of course as the players move away from the base, the sound of the alarm will also weaken, and the alarm will also only go off shortly after the start of the battle and not all of it.
Another thing about alarms is…
Alarms from the aim of the bomb, that is, in the wars the factories are an extremely important thing that were always surrounded by anti-aircraft batteries and wire fences and of course alarm horns and I think that if war thunders you will do that as soon as there is a factory in the target of the enemy bombers an alarm will be activated until the enemy player moves away from the factory area at least 200 meters and so the players will have a feeling of a need for protection and a real battle feeling.
Another thing I think will be useful is this..
The voices of the crew in a fighter plane and in particular in a bomber. The voices of the crew members will add a lot to the feeling of the battle, so some tips for the crew members' speech:
Fighter plane = at the moment of impact the pilot will say .. I shot him down…. Either he will say...I hit...or he will say....the enemy is eliminated...
Fighter plane = during the chase the pilot will say…..he is on my cockpit….. I am on him…
Fighter plane = while my plane will catch fire or be hit by the enemy……I was hit I was hit……….fire fire……
Fighter plane = while I want to parachute from the damaged plane……….I am abandoning I am abandoning…….ready to abandon the plane….
The voice of the bomber. So, of course, there is more than one crew member in a bomber, so here you have to combine voices
Bomber = while my cockpit is on the enemy factory ………..the factory on our target………
Bomber =while I release the bombs…………the bombs have been dropped let's get out of here……the bombs have been dropped forward to the next factory….mission accomplished captain……the bombs are on their way to the target..
Bomber = while there is an enemy plane at a distance of 250 meters or less……..enemy planes enemy planes…….everyone to the machine gun positions …..enemy plane on the horizon……
Bomber=while the bomber was hit……….fire fire……. We are hit…….everyone abandon the bomber……the engine is hit
I'm sure that once you add the voices the battle will be tangible.
Another fix that I think will improve the audio in this battle..
The sound of the speakers and the noise in the background. So in the game right now there are options to give commands in the game like go to base A or see the map etc.
I feel that these commands are missing the walkie-talkie tone that includes an ending tone and a starting tone. In addition to that, I think that while the message is being broadcast, you should also hear some background noise on the walkie-talkie.
Another thing that is related to hearing is this…
Every time you go into battle there is a waiting time of 30 seconds and I think it would be good if during the waiting time the commander's voice could be heard giving final orders and finally saying go into battle.
Another thing that I think will add a lot is something that is no longer related to audio but to a tag in the game, that is...
The status of the players is definitely important in the game, so in my opinion there are several ways to improve it and I will detail it
First the profile picture. The profile picture is a very important thing, and in my opinion it can be made even more important if you do that during the short clip that you see after they destroyed me, then of course you see the enemy plane that shot me down, do that you see the profile picture of the player who shot me down and next to the picture they will see the number of downed planes that the player has done since the beginning The game so the players will invest in getting rare profile pictures and of course will also see the number of their abortions.

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