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I would like to write a recommendation letter for Do 217 K-2 Can someone help me fill in the missing information?


Do-217K-2 was the heaviest of all production Do 217s, weighing 16,850 kg. It was specially designed to carry the FX 1400 heavy radio-controlled bomb after the He 111H was found unsuitable for the task. The massive bombs, also known as "Fritz X", were suspended from special holders under the mid-wing. An additional fuel tank with a capacity of 1160 liters was placed in the front bomb bay. To withstand the significantly increased load, the wingspan was increased from 19 to 24.8 m. The controllability and general characteristics of the aircraft remained satisfactory. Almost all K-2s were equipped with the R19 kit, which consisted of two coaxial MG 81Z machine guns (four in total) in the tail section, and some even had MG 81Z rear-firing guns mounted behind each engine nacelle.



A great day for K-2 was September 9, 1943. III / KG 100 under the command of Major Bernhard Jope, based in Istress, launched a coordinated attack on the Italian fleet, which was heading to join the Allies. As a result of two direct hits, the largest battleship Roma exploded and sank in a matter of minutes. The same ship “Italy” barely made it to Malta with 726 tons of water on board. Later, powerful bombs, each weighing 1,570 kg, damaged or sunk many other ships.


Engine: BMW 80ID engine, maximum power 1,268 kW (1,700 hp)

Length :  17.12 m

Wing span :24.8m

Bombs :2* Fritz X







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There was already a small thread on this,


However, I think so far no-one made a suggestion for it.
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