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Planned economy changes in May


As I currently played these two I wonder why are you raising its repair costs?


Tornado IDS 

I do not understand why is Tornado IDS raised to 20k repair cost in ARB. This thing is not that strong in ARB it is just pure fodder when uptiered. It is DOA once the player unlocks and buy it. I would expect opposite of repair costs. This plane is dead at 11.3 as it is always in uptiers, has just two AIM-9Ls, it has no radar missiles, and its not so much manouverable to do any dogfights since this was not supposed to be a dogfighter nor it is one. You killed the Tornado and going to 20k SL of repair cost you just put the final nail to the coffin as it liquidates SL each match in ARB.

It has no business fighting F4-J, F4-S, F-14, F-16s, Mig-23s, Mig-29, 

From your own WIKI page

"against capable fighters like the MiG-23, F-16, MiG-29, Viggen, F-14, and Mirage 2000 you don't stand a chance, unless the enemy pilot is extremely inexperienced. "



Here I would like to point out that this is 50/50 for average player once it is fully grinded. There is no reason to rise the repair cost. F-5C dominates over this aircraft and once uptiered it is just easy target for any SARH missile.


Again and again statistics cannot be just pure dominant factor of how to balance things. I do not see what you appear to present that justifies some changes.

Statistics from Ground Realistic Battles and Air Realistic Battles are not the same thing. These are two factors that seem to be mixed and taken as one.

I really wish there were two different rules for aircraft to be considered to balance it in both modes. ARB =/= GRB and vice versa.

Same goes for BR

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The following ships are nearly copies of each other (between each list bullet), yet have large differences in planned repair costs. Why is that?

  • USS Somers/USS Porter
  • HMS Armada/HMAS Tobruk
  • USS Trenton/USS Raleigh
  • Kirov/Voroshilov/Maxim Gorky
  • Furutaka/Aoba
  • USS Cleveland/USS Fargo
  • USS Portland/USS Pensacola/USS Northampton
  • RN Raimondo Montecuccoli/RN Eugenio di Savoia
  • Sverdlov/Mikhail Kutuzov/Shcherbakov
  • HMS Southampton/HMS Liverpool
  • USS Pittsburgh/USS Baltimore
  • SMS Helgoland/SMS Ostfriesland
  • Kongo/Haruna

The following ships have excessively high planned repair costs compared to their peers. Why is that?

  • Akizuki
  • Spokoiny
  • SMS Elbing
  • Blagorodnyy
  • Leningrad
  • Neustrashimy
  • Jaguar (destroyer)
  • ORP Garland
  • Geniere (D 555)
  • Shimakaze
  • Aoba
  • HMS Hawkins
  • Admiral Hipper
  • HMS Glorious
  • Poltava
  • USS Nevada
  • SMS Helgoland
  • USS Arizona
  • Kongo
  • HMS Tiger
  • All Italian rank 4 and 5 ships

The following ships have excessively low planned repair costs compared to their peers. Why is that?

  • Scharnhorst
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On 08/05/2023 at 13:12, RomanianEULA said:

Thank you Gaijin for this welcome economy update. I would like to recommend the following changes for :


Aviation research trees :


Japan :

-Ki-102 otsu (BR 3.0/3.3) rank III -> rank II. Alone with such a low BR at rank III.

-J2M2 (BR 4.7/4.3) and Ki-100 (BR 4.7/4.0) rank II -> rank III. Too high BR for rank II planes.

-G5N1 (BR 4.3/4.7) rank IV -> rank III. Alone with such a low BR at rank IV.

-Folder some of the Ki-49s which are very redundant aircrafts.

-Replace the F1M2 with the Ki-32 (already a highly requested change in previous economy changes) and move the F1M2 before the B5N2. Their respective roles fits better these lines.


France :

-Move the french F-100D between the F-86K and the F-8E(FN), it looks wrong in the attacker line.

-Instead you can move the Etendard IVM in the attacker line and maybe also the Jaguar A. The Etendard IVM has a lower BR in arcade than the previous Vautours so it makes even more sense. The top of the attacker line could be completed by the Super Etendard later when it will be added. The F-84F should also be moved to the attacker line after the F-84G, as it is also an attacker.

-Move the Potez 633 and the BR.683AB2 after the V-156-F because it is the light bomber/attacker line.


Israel / France :

-Mystere IVA (BR 9.0/8.7) rank VI -> rank V, it is not a tier VI vehicle performancewise and the vautours have higher BRs while being tier V in both israeli and french tech trees.



-Move the J26 (BR 3.7/4.3) in front of the J21A-1 (BR 5.3/4.3), it makes way more sense progressionwise for arcade players and change nothing for realistic players.


Ground research trees :



-Switch places between the AMX-10RC and the AMX-13 (HOT), and also between the SK-105A2 and the MEPHISTO. This will allow to have two clear lines at rank VI with light tanks on one side and missile tanks on the other.

-AMX-13 DCA 40 rank IV -> rank III because it is the only vehicle with such a low BR at this rank.

-E.B.R. (1954) rank III -> rank IV sounds about right now that its BR is that high.


Bluewater fleet research trees :



-Switch places between the Yugumo and the Hatsuharu, because the Hatsuharu is a downgrade of this previous ship in almost every way.

The G5N1 needs a B.R change if anything, that thing is overtiered for no reason. 

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Thank you for all the feedback.

We have passed it to Developers. In upcoming days we will provide their answer to your concerns.

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Responding to your questions and comments

The result of the transition to the vehicle rank based economy 

We have noticed that there is a lack of understanding of the principles of the vehicle rank based economy, such as the differences from the previous system and the benefits achieved. First of all, we would like to note that in the vehicle rank based economy, the same prices and reward multipliers are not set for different vehicles of the same rank, as these are not target parameters, but calculated parameters. These calculated parameters still use some statistical values for calculations. The target parameters in the economy (old and new) are earnings per unit time (from which the reward multiplier will be calculated) and profit/loss per unit time (from which the repair cost will be calculated). Since both targets are given to a unit of time - it becomes clear that to calculate the repair cost and reward multiplier, statistical indicators related to time and actions are used: the average time of a vehicle's life and base reward per unit of time. The goal of the vehicle rank based economy is to bring the values of the target parameters of a vehicle of the same rank to the same value, and this is accomplished by changing the repair cost and reward multiplier and not vice versa. 


In the old economy, which was based on vehicle efficiency target values, vehicle statistics were determined based on their efficiency ratio - the ratio of the total base reward of a vehicle to the number of deaths in it. This led to an extremely high repair cost for a number of vehicles. For example, in January 2022, the maximum repair costs of the B-29 and Tu-4 in RB were around 48k and 39k SL and after the current changes, they will drop to 11.5k and 13k SL respectively. The maximum repair cost of the T95 in AB during the same time dropped from 24.7k to 9.2k SL. The same applies to other effective vehicles within the medium ranks: G.56, Sagittario 2, Maus, WZ305, Tiger II (H) etc.


In the table sheet of economy changes, we can clearly see a tendency to decrease repair prices for almost all vehicles of ranks III-V in all game modes (the cells with a decrease in the average repair prices for vehicles of a given nation at a given rank are marked in green).

Ground vehicles:





Changes to the reward multiplier for Premium vehicles

Repair costs and reward multipliers for Premium vehicles change in economic updates by the same principles as researchable vehicles, i.e. all parameters are adjusted to achieve the preset expenses and income per unit of time. The reward multiplier might both increase, in order to increase the income per time to the required level; or decrease, if the vehicle’s income is higher than needed. 

For example, in the upcoming update, the reward multiplier in RB for the Kfir Canard,  F-4EJ ADTW, as well as the Kfir C.2 and F-4EJ (reference vehicles), will be decreased. Since the last economic update (statistics update), the gameplay circumstances for the mentioned aircraft have changed for the better, which has led to an increase in the base reward per unit of time. Accordingly, with the new data (statistics) update in the upcoming economy update, changing the reward multiplier will adjust earnings to the required level. This works both ways, for example the multiplier in RB mode will be increased for the J-7D, F-104S TAF, MiG-23ML, MiG-21 Lazur and other aircraft.

At the same time, Premium vehicles will always have a specified income higher than researchable vehicles and a reduced repair cost, which sets a positive average balance for these vehicles. Premium vehicles of high ranks both have an increased reward and are profitable, unlike researchable vehicles of highest ranks.

Some answers for individual questions:

Q: Why are the repair costs for helicopters in AB going up?
A: At the moment, the main arcade mode for helicopters are the PvE missions in the “Enduring Confrontation” mode which are characterized by weak AI countermeasures and long vehicle lifetimes. This leads to a fairly stable earning of SL and infrequent spending on respawns. To ensure a given level of costs per unit of time, an appropriate repair price is set.


Q: Why do identical aircraft (Tornado IDS Marineflieger and Tornado IDS (1995)) have different repair costs in Realistic Battles?
A: The reason is that in reality, these aircraft are not the same. The German Tornado doesn’t have guided weapons and is mainly used in air battles as a strike aircraft to destroy bases. The Italian Tornado has guided weapons and is widely used in ground battles in which the lifetime is significantly lower. To ensure the necessary average spending per unit of time for each of these vehicles, the corresponding repair cost is calculated for them.


Q: Why will the PTL02 be moved to a more appropriate rank but the M46 “Tiger” and PT-76-57 will not?
A: Researchable vehicles can, if necessary, move more freely between ranks if their parameters change. In the case of premium (including event) vehicles, you initially receive a vehicle for effective research of vehicles of all previous and one subsequent rank for a predetermined price (in GE, GJN or time spent). As a rule, we don't plan to expand or narrow the scope of effective research of researchable vehicles on premium vehicles that have already been purchased for a specific price.

Additions to the previously announced changes

Begleitpanzer 57 — moved to the position after the Radkampfwagen 90.
PUMA — moved to the position after the Begleitpanzer 57.
SIDAM 25 — moved to rank VI.
The costs for research, purchase and related parameters of a number of ground vehicles can be seen in the table sheet.




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