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Would you like to see the BTR-80a been added to the game?  

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I would like to suggest a interesting up-gunned APC/IFV for the russian, the BTR-80a



The BTR-80a is a Up-gunned/modernized version of the BTR-80 which have a new turret for improved firepower. entering in Service in 1994, it's one of the first APC/IFV produced in Russia after the Fall of USSR. the new turret allow the BTR-80a to carry much more firepower and AT capacity to support the infantry in the battlefield, as it is a APC but also a IFV, it would not only carry and protect the infantry in the battle but also fight along side with them, the 30mm have enough elevation to engage air-target but the turret wouldn't have the rotation speed to fallow Jet. it was built since 1994 for the Russian army, other BTR-80 could also had been Up-graded to BTR-80A, it was also exported to Sudan, Hungary, Indonesia and North-Korea in a few hundreds vehicles making it a fair success in the international market. in the Russian army, it is considered a intermediary vehicles between the more modern BTR-90 and BTR-80. Russia use it in number, but the exact number of BTR-80A in Russian services is unknown (cold be ranging from a few hundreds to over a thousand), over 5000 BTR-80 was built by Russia and a few other industrial who acquired a license to built it. since 2010, Russia stop purchasing new BTR-80a in favor to the new BTR-82 and BTR-90. but the stock acquired in still in active services.





The BTR-80A is a up-gunned version with the BPPU turret. the BPPU turret is offering a lot more firepower than the regular BPU-1 turret armed with a 14,5 mm. the main armament is a 30mm 2A72 auto-cannon , with a 1PZ-9 (day) and TPN-3 (night) sight. the turret is also equipped with a 7,62mm PKT machine-gun and 6 smoke-grenade launcher. the elevation is good enough, with -5° to +70° , it would not be great in uneven ground against ground target, like many Russian tank, but the elevation is great. the rotation is 360° and rather fast. but some fast and agile plane would still make it faster than the rotation and make them hard to fallow sometime. this version is less common but was working well, the version with the 14.5mm is offering enough firepower for the usual use and seem to be standard.

the ammo load is limited to 300 round of the 30mm, that is rather limited but it is all ready to use. the fire-rate is 330 rounds by minutes which is a bit slow. allowing a long time to shoot and not wasting the ammo too fast. it fire 4 type of rounds. other rounds was made, such as the Mecar export rounds and the Bulgarian copy, but there is no need to have them as it is a Russian vehicles and the Russian rounds are very good already. if the 30mm come to run out of ammo, which is probably going to happen fast if you just pull the trigger, the 7.62mm PKT is a good alternative to use against planes. it surely cannot do much damage, but it still can manage to shutdown a plane. it have 2500 rounds in 250 rounds magazine , wich mean 10 reload.


Ammunition details

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weight: 385g

velocity : 980 m/sec

Explosif filler : 11.5 g A-IX-2

penetration : about 2mm

this rounds is a standard HE rounds that would be available with a mix of AP round at stock, with a belt of something like HE-T/HE-T/APBC-T.

it have impact fuse and self-destruct on impact. it cause a lot of damage to soft target such as a plane. it have 10-14 second tracer tail.





weight : 389g

velocity : 980 m/sec

Explosif filler : 49g A-IX-2

penetration : about 4mm

this is a improved HE round who would have to be unlock through research. it would be coming in full HEI belt.

it have timer and delay fuse. the rounds would explode after 7.5 to 14.5 second of flight which give 3900–5300 m of range. it also have a 0.15 millisecond delay of explosion after impact wich allow a bit more penetration than the HE and much better damage against the soft target. it also carry more HE filler.





Weight : 400g

Velocity: 970

Explosive filler: none

Penetration, RHA (60 degrees):
700 m = 20mm
1,000 m = 18mm
1,500 m = 14mm 
(Official values)

this is a blunt nose AP round. this allow more damage on soft target than a sharp nose but reduce the penetration a bit. this rounds would be available in stock belt along with the HE-T rounds but also in a full belt unlock-able in the re-searchable modification.

this is a blunt nose rounds with windsheild cap, the cap is sharp but not hard, it's only there to give more aerodynamic. it have 3.5 sec tracer. * since it is a blunt nose, the 65mm of Gaijin calculator do not reflect the reality, this result is what it would be if it had a normal nose.





Weight : 304

Velocity: 1120

Explosive filler: none

penetration: est 80-90mm at 100m

Penetration, RHA (60 degrees):
1,000 m = 35mm
1,500 m = 25mm
2,000 m = 22mm 
(Official values from Rosoboronexport and Kurganmashzavod)

sabot rounds who offer a much better velocity and penetration, but reduced post-penetration damage. this shall be unlockable through research in the late modifcation.

it is a 30mm sabot with 222 g tungsten alloy core. this rounds would be highly efficient against armored target as it would be likely to match the 40mm bofors rounds in penetration.




The mobility of the BTR-80A is rather good. with his light weight, and a decent 260 hp engine , the power/weight reach 19 hp/tons. this allow the vehicles to reach 90 km/h on road . it also have a good off-road mobility even in rough ground, thanks to the large 8 wheels. the vehicle is also amphibious with a good 10 km/h in the water , it can alow a good versatility for the player in all terrain.



As the main role of the BTR-80a is APC, it is a rather large vehicles, but in-game, the passenger compartment would be empty (until otherwise) the armor is rather light, just sufficient to provide protection against small arms and LMG. the large size would make it a target easy to spot. the vehicles would also be fairly vulnerable to air-attack, even the planes cannon can be dangerous to him. the crew of 3 men is rather small and mostly in the front half. the rear would be empty and if hit in that part, even by APHE or other explosive rounds, it may not do much damage to the crew as it's still a bit far front his area.


Mass 13.6 tonnes (15.0 tons)
Length 7.7 m (25.3 ft)
Width 2.9 m (9.5 ft)
Height 2.41 m (7.9 ft)
Crew 3 (+7 passengers)

30mm 2A72 automatic cannon
7.62 mm PKT machine gun
Engine diesel KamAZ-7403
260 hp (190 kW)
Power/weight 19 hp/tonne
Suspension wheeled 8×8
600 km (372.8 mi)
Maximum speed 80–90 km/h (49.7–55.9 m/h)
swim 10 km/h (6.2 m/h)














https://weaponsystems.net/system/534-II04 - 2A72


there is very similar vehicles of the same type in other nation as well who all have about the same performance range. here is a quick list

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BTR-80a (rank 4)

BTR-90 (rank 6)



Spähpanzer Luchs (rank 4)



VAB T20-13 (rank 4)



ZSL-92 (rank 3/4)

ZSL-92B (rank 6)

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BTRs would be nice yeeeeeeeees decent all round and with that BPPU turret able to engage air targets. Though the 82A variant which would be very functionally simmiliar is also a common service vehicle and would have a slightly more powerful 300HP engine plus thermal optics for the gunner unlike the standard 80A which features only IR Night vision. Depends what BR you envision this at I suppose, I would not like to see thermal optics appear in the game lower than 8.0. Ammo availible is same as BMP-2 I suppose so APDS with 82mm of pen. I would not like to see such a modern vehicle below 6.0 tbh. 

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1 hour ago, TwitchyCarlos said:

plus thermal optics for the gunner unlike the standard 80A

Pretty sure for threms you need BTR-82AT


Бронетранспортер БТР-82АТ с комплектом дополнительной защиты (Up-armored BTR-82AT)


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22 hours ago, WasZumFickHans said:

Objection- the first image is a BTR-82, you can tell by the box-like thermal sight on top of the 2A72 instead of an IR spotlight.

That's not a thermal sight. That's a PL-1 IR Laser Pulse Beamer 

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It's a nice vehicle but...why in War Thunder? No ATGMs and no APFSDS for the gun. The high elevation could make it an okay improvised SPAA but there are plenty of dedicated Soviet\Russian vehicles for that.


This game doesn't have infantry so BTRs without anti-tank or anti-air weapons are a stupid idea. The Zhalo-S (already suggested in this forum) would be a far better addition.

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Seeing how the Spähpanzer Luchs got passed for consideration, it would be nice if this were added too with the luchs in an update together :salute:
no atgm versions please. I think this would sit perfectly at 7.7 BR just 1 BR below the Type 87 RVC since this has a lower penetrating ammo than the RVC.

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