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ZSL-92B/ WZ-511B (type 92B) IFV


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i would like to suggest an interesting Chinese IFV for the Chinese late tier, the ZSL-92B, also know under the name Type 92B




The ZSL-92B is a modernization from the early 2000 of the ZSL-92 IFV. the version was offered to export from 2009 and entered officially in Chinese services in 2012. the most significant improvement was made in the firepower, the 25mm auto-cannon was just not enough and the ZSL-92B received a new 30mm fully stabilized with ATGM launcher to have firepower against more heavily armored vehicles. the inside was also redesigned and refined to allow to carry more soldiers and optimize the vehicles reliability and mobility. the ZSL-92B is currently exported and in chinese services.




the main armament is the 30mm Type 99 auto-canon (Chinese version of the 2A72). the 30mm is capable of engaging light armored vehicles and helicopter. with and elevation of -8/+60 the 30mm is well adapted to engage Air target. 350 rounds are carried for the 30mm. the turret is having a full rotation and a Coax 5.8mm LMG. against more armored target, the ZSL-92B have the capacity to use HJ-73c and possibly HJ-73d . the ATGM is capable to destroy MBT with ERA armor. with additional 4 smoke grenade launcher ,


Ammunition details

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weight: 385g

velocity : 980 m/sec

Explosif filler : 11.5 g A-IX-2

penetration : about 2mm

this rounds is a standard HE rounds that would be available with a mix of AP round at stock, with a belt of something like HE-T/HE-T/APBC-T.

it have impact fuse and self-destruct on impact. it cause a lot of damage to soft target such as a plane. it have 10-14 second tracer tail.





weight : 389g

velocity : 980 m/sec

Explosif filler : 49g A-IX-2

penetration : about 4mm

this is a improved HE round who would have to be unlock through research. it would be coming in full HEI belt.

it have timer and delay fuse. the rounds would explode after 7.5 to 14.5 second of flight which give 3900–5300 m of range. it also have a 0.15 millisecond delay of explosion after impact wich allow a bit more penetration than the HE and much better damage against the soft target. it also carry more HE filler.





Weight : 400g

Velocity: 970

Explosive filler: none

Penetration, RHA (60 degrees):
700 m = 20mm
1,000 m = 18mm
1,500 m = 14mm 
(Official values)

this is a blunt nose AP round. this allow more damage on soft target than a sharp nose but reduce the penetration a bit. this rounds would be available in stock belt along with the HE-T rounds but also in a full belt unlock-able in the re-searchable modification.

this is a blunt nose rounds with windshield cap, the cap is sharp but not hard, it's only there to give more aerodynamic. it have 3.5 sec tracer. * since it is a blunt nose, the 65mm of Gaijin calculator do not reflect the reality, this result is what it would be if it had a normal nose.





Weight : 304

Velocity: 1120

Explosive filler: none

penetration: est 80-90mm at 100m

Penetration, RHA (60 degrees):
1,000 m = 35mm
1,500 m = 25mm
2,000 m = 22mm 
(Official values from Rosoboronexport and Kurganmashzavod)

sabot rounds who offer a much better velocity and penetration, but reduced post-penetration damage. this shall be unlock-able through research in the late modification.

it is a 30mm sabot with 222 g tungsten alloy core. this rounds would be highly efficient against armored target as it would be likely to match the 40mm bofors rounds in penetration.



ATGM details

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weight : 11.3 kg

velocity : 120 m/s

explosive filler : probably 2.6 kg

Penetration : more than 500mm


the HJ-73C is a SACLOS wire-guided ATGM who is improved over the HJ-73B (who is another SACLOS) by the prod on the nose. this prod is very distinctive from the other HJ-73, it allow the ATGM to be more effective against ERA armor.




HEAT tendem charge

weight : unknow

velocity : unknow

explosive filler : unknow

Penetration : about 800mm





the ZSL 92B is well powered, with a German-designed BF8L413F 4-stroke, 8-cylinder, turbo-charged, air-cooled diesel engine with a standard power of 235kW ( 320hp ) at 2,500rpm. the 15.300 kg vehicles will be moving fairly well around the battle field with a power-weigh ration of about 20 hp/tons . the max speed is reaching 90 km/h on the road , depending to the source. it is also amphibious with water propeller at the rear giving a speed of  8 km/h on water . the 6 wheels are all power driven.




the Type 92b is a IFV vehicles. the protection is rather light but enough for small arms fire and shrapnel. the armor is all welded steel making it at the maximal effectiveness. but the vehicles is rather vulnerable to air-attack from the planes cannon and HMG. the tank would also penetrate the armor quit easily. the front armor may resist some HMG fire at decent distance but the side will not. the vehicles shall be about immune to the LMG fire in all direction. the gunner fairly well distanced, but the driver and the commander are next to each other making it easy to kill both at once. the rear is made for infantry to be carry, as in-game there is no infantry needed, this part would be left empty making it a good space to absorb explosion in case of hit.


Mass 15.8 tonnes
Length 6.63 m
Width 2.80 m
Height 2.80 m
Crew 3 + 9 passengers

Armor Welded steel
30mm type 99 auto-cannon (350 rounds)

5.8 mm coaxial machine gun (1000 rounds)

HJ-73 ATGM (probably 4 stored)

Engine 8-cylinder, turbo-charged, air-cooled diesel
320 hp
Suspension Independent wheel
800 km
Maximum speed 90 km/h


















there is very similar vehicles of the same type in other nation as well who all have about the same performance range. here is a quick list

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BTR-80a (rank 4)

BTR-90 (rank 6)



Spähpanzer Luchs (rank 4)



Type 87 RCV (rank 4)



VAB T20-13 (rank 4)



ZSL-92 (rank 3/4)

ZSL-92B (rank 6)

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1 hour ago, Milocat said:

+1, this would be a nice AGTM IFV to have in the Chinese tree.

BTR 90 counterpart. its always nice to have very similar Type of vehicles with similar performence in other nation to blance the battle. that is what they should had trhough about when adding the R3 T20


at the same time the ZSL-92 is near enought to the BTR-80A, Luchs, Type 87, LAV-25 and VAB T20-13 but if we do not fimd more infos on the APDS the ZSL-92 shall have, we cannot know his real performence.

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